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Girls That Rock

Can I just say that I had the most amazing Labor Day Weekend I’ve ever had in a long time? I don’t think I’ve had a “girls weekend getaway” since college. And while we had did have one dude with us, it was the most enjoyable company! Since women use up about 20,000 words per day on average, you can imagine what it was like to have at least 4-6 women in a minivan the majority of the time.

Not only are these some of the kindest, brightest, funnest and funniest, most Godly women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and getting to know, I learned SO much from them in just a weekend. Now that I think about it, I believe I was the only one in the group who’s not a mom yet. I loved hearing their thoughts and opinions on their hobbies, God, worship, church planting, cleaning, cooking, kids, homeschooling, babies, delivery, breastfeeding, running, and everything in between!

Well the main event was the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, and the whole group beasted it. They finished strong and well! Most of the girls finished in around 2 1/2 hours and our lone guy finished at 2:02. From the hotel, to the traffic, the shuttle, the almost leaving the car running during the race, the complete 13.1 miles and then relaxing at the pool after, it was one crazy fun weekend!

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots:

Now… only 6 weeks left until my half marathon in Myrtle Beach!



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I Get Around

I’ve not posted in a while. And the last was a crazy peek into my frazzled mind during sleep. Sorry about that. So… what’s shaking?

I definitely don’t know if I looooooove running yet, but I do enjoy it most days. It’s a good, quiet, thinking/processing outlet. It’s a good non-thinking activity too. Even when I’m with my running partner, I love how we can talk or not talk and it’s great. Ending week 4 of half marathon training. It’s going…uh, well… Ok. The weekdays are pretty good. I’m trying to push myself a little more each run to improve time. The long run day, not so much. 4-5 miles is extremely hard for me. The last couple weeks I haven’t been as hardcore with my water intake, so that could be partly to blame. But mostly I just get tired. And it’s been so incredibly humid here, even at 5:30 in the morning. I feel like I’m breathing in water. Some days I’m thinking, “What did I get myself into?” or “how am I ever going to run 13.1 miles with training weather this stinking humid?” Blechhh. But I press on I guess. I do have a great running partner though, and I always seem to run better, or a little quicker with her. I want to quit half way through when I’m by myself. What does that say about me? Well, I guess it’s a good indication that we’re not designed to do life alone! That’s for a whole different post though… 😉

I did buy new jeans though. Even took them in a little more at the waist, since even going down in size is still kind of in between sizes for me… that was exciting. Weightloss and body fat loss progress!

The running saga to be continued…

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Running and weightloss update

I couldn’t really think of a more creative title for this. So here it is.

Running has always been a good medium for me with weightloss. I’ve realized that I’m a goal oriented person, so once I trained for and completed the 5k race, I decided it was time to set a new goal. Some friends have been telling me I should train for the half marathon they are doing in Virginia Beach. I just might. I went ahead and started last week with a friend. I’ve gathered most people tend to do 12 week training programs, but obviously I don’t have that much time so I found an 8 week program. It has a program for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level runner. And I’m starting to enjoy running, but I am NOT a “runner” yet. It hasn’t been too bad. A little nervous about the 5 mile long run ending this week 2 though. We’re gonna see how we feel half way at week 4, and then register if we’re feeling ok about it. They say it’s about fitness, endurance, and just finishing- not necessarily the best time. And that’s how I’m approaching it.

Lately I get emails, facebook messages and wall comments from people who are on their own journey of weightloss and getting fit. It’s been so cool to hear people saying they are inspired by my story and progress, and it keeps them motivated to keep going. And then I’m reminded, and I want to keep going. It’s a great cycle. So keep them coming and leave me some love on this blog!

Here’s a before and after pic of an April 2nd bridal luncheon and today. At this point I’m down 25 30 lbs. In between then and now I had been doing 3 days of running 1-3 miles with the Couch to 5k program, and 3 days of Adventure Boot Camp of Horry County. It’s all been a great experience, and I’m pleased with the progress I’m making. It also helps to see it!




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The First 5k

Thanks to the Couch to 5k running program from I was able to complete my first 5k race last Saturday, July 3rd. It was the Freedom 5k and Independence Day 8k at Market Common in Myrtle Beach, and it was a beautiful day. Started out pretty cool around 65 degrees. I was a little nervous about the volume of people and it being too hot. I was nervous that my  normal 40-45 minute 5k in my hilly neighborhood wouldn’t improve, but remembered that the Market Common area was supposed to be pretty flat. I hoped that was to my advantage and it was. As I read around the internet, I started in the back right of the group and started a little slower than normal. I felt proud that I could run the whole way, with the exception of slowing at the gatorade station halfway, while others walked on and off. It got a little tougher the last mile as it began to warm up, but I pressed on and tried to run as hard as I could the last quarter of the way around the lake. What’s next you ask? Not sure. I discovered I am a goal oriented person. I will do it if I set the goal. So I’m considering my next race training options and definitely working to increase my mileage and improve time.

Here’s some stats and pics:

The playlist-

The time- 33:08

The Place- 134/167 (not too shabby)

The photos-


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Shedding the body fat

I got inspired once again after reading my friend Daryl Strickland’s weightloss story, it’s legit. It encouraged me to keep going. As I shed pounds and body fat, the better I feel. I’ve always struggled with the way I look, especially on stage. I started training to run 3 miles without stopping in February after a good friend encouraged me.  I hurt my toe and couldn’t do my first 5k race as planned but I hope to hit up another soon. All it takes is a little accountability, a few cheerleaders, improved eating habits, lots of water, and LOTS of discipline. The healthier and lighter I get, the better my fitness level gets and the better I feel. I think you need these elements in just about any area of your life. I’m currently doing 3 days fitness bootcamp, and 3 alternating days of running 2-3 miles each. I still have a long ways to go, but I’m putting up a few pictures as motivation to continue pressing on. They might not seem like a huge difference to you, but they are to me, and I can tell in my waistband and the constant need to throw my jeans in the dryer.

Then                                          Now


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Layer Up

I know, I know, I almost only blogged once in a month. Things have been so busy lately.

So much I’m trying to balance with new place, new job, doing ministry at new church, trying to keep my apartment  mostly clean and my hubby happy. It’s funny how as God blesses you and brings new opportunities, or even gives you the things that you’ve desired, new things come up that you need to work on.

Not that you should think you’ll ever come to a point that you don’t have something to work on. But lately God has been teaching me things about myself, sometimes uncomfortable, but things I should improve. I’ll be real honest here. I’ve always struggled with insecurity about the way I look, especially on stage. (But I’m making progress in the working out department so that’s a great thing!) I have to remind myself who Christ says I am (Eph 3:1-8; Phil 1:6; John 15:16). I am also constantly working through having a spirit of humility. I don’t think this will ever end. But it really is kind of an oxymoron- as confident as I usually am about my singing, the way I feel I look sometimes cancels out that confidence. Even if you can’t tell by watching me, it’s there alot of the time. And then there’s the humility thing- I want to be confident in what I do, yet humble. I want to excel and give excellence and confidence in my strengths but not come across arrogant. And not just acting humble because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but being humble because that’s what Christ wants. I want it to be natural.

As a person, as a follower of Christ, as a leader, as a lead worshipper, my biggest desire is to constantly seek to please God, to have the traits that please him. I’ve been going through a short study “Worship Habit” written by a good friend Daniel Walters, for the worship band he leads at Lifepoint Church. It’s James through 2 Peter, and the focus is putting on a habit of worship. Just like nuns and priests wear what’s called a habit to display their devotion and religious order, we should put on our habit each day, developing a pattern that leads us to have intimacy with Jesus and devotion to him. And I love the play on words of the word habit!

The first layer is HUMILITY and I couldn’t have said it any better so I’m just going to re-post it:

Humility is powerful! It creates space for the Holy Spirit by taking ourselves out of the equation. When we surrender fully everyday, we hand the reigns over to Him and let Him lead. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and doesn’t force or coerce. He goes where invited and we NEED to give Him an invitation. We begin our prayers with humility as outlined by the Lord’s Prayer. Humility is important because it: pleases God (Isa 66:2), it invites the spirit to move (2 Chron 7:14), and it brings healing (Mark 10:46).

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All the Right Moves

This morning was quite nice. Still a bit of a challenge at times when it came to numerous repetitions of various ab/core work exercises, but yogalates on the soft shoreline at 5:30am in North Myrtle Beach was more relaxing then the usual bootcamp routines. And the sunrise when we finished was glorious. Big orangey fireball peeking out along the horizon. And what was neat is I’ve never seen it rise that fast! God sure was creative when he came up with that.

So my fitness coach said something that caught my attention. He was instructing us to make most of our moves slow. Slow rotations, slow crunches, slow bicycle reps. He said he wanted us to “move with purpose” so that we felt the full effect of each exercise. He also said this required “control”. The goal is to build stamina and strength in our core. The point was not to race to see who could get done the fastest or hurry through, but to be controlled in our movements so that each one served their purpose to the fullest, each one did its work.

1 Peter 1:13

So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.

When it comes to my life, this verse doesn’t just mean self-control over lust or gluttony or addictions as the bible often means in reference to self-control. It does mean ultimately striving to be holy, but I also believe it means thinking clearly in what you choose to do. These can be small daily activities, projects, events or thoughts. And we know what God says about our thought life… There is a tendency to rush through. Arms flailing around trying to get everything done, or do too much too fast and not really getting the full enjoyment or purpose out of what it is you’re doing. Just like in rushing sloppily through an exercise. You might get it done, but it doesn’t mean that you did it well or with purpose or accomplished your goal. Sometimes we may even have to eliminate things that we could do in order to do things the Holy Spirit prompts us that we should do. We have to say no to a lot of “good” things so that we can say yes to “great” things.

Whether it’s in your personal walk with God, your family life, or church ministries, every move should be done with purpose. We reach purpose with control, and we reach control by thinking clearly through the choice with intentionality.

Life is fast. You can’t always move “slow” but you can move with purpose. Do you have all the right moves?

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