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Girls That Rock

Can I just say that I had the most amazing Labor Day Weekend I’ve ever had in a long time? I don’t think I’ve had a “girls weekend getaway” since college. And while we had did have one dude with us, it was the most enjoyable company! Since women use up about 20,000 words per day on average, you can imagine what it was like to have at least 4-6 women in a minivan the majority of the time.

Not only are these some of the kindest, brightest, funnest and funniest, most Godly women I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and getting to know, I learned SO much from them in just a weekend. Now that I think about it, I believe I was the only one in the group who’s not a mom yet. I loved hearing their thoughts and opinions on their hobbies,¬†God, worship, church planting,¬†cleaning, cooking, kids, homeschooling, babies, delivery, breastfeeding, running, and everything in between!

Well the main event was the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, and the whole group beasted it. They finished strong and well! Most of the girls finished in around 2 1/2 hours and our lone guy finished at 2:02. From the hotel, to the traffic, the shuttle, the almost leaving the car running during the race, the complete 13.1 miles and then relaxing at the pool after, it was one crazy fun weekend!

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots:

Now… only 6 weeks left until my half marathon in Myrtle Beach!



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