The Half of It

So I did it. A part of my weightloss journey is over. My friend Michelle encouraged me to attempt this feat in the first place… so I started out with a 5k race and set a new goal. The training was good for me. I’m good with schedules. 12 1/2 weeks ago my friend Julie and I embarked on the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon pilgrimage. Yes, people do run and put themselves through pain for the fun of it. Or at least to accomplish a goal. I think I got a lot of my race morning jitters out when I went along for the ride supporting a group of friends running their Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon in September. And my in-laws were also there rooting us on along with two of our friends that came out before sunrise to see us off. That meant so much!

I was hoping that the half marathon, which started out with horses at the Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach and ended alongside the beach at the new boardwalk, would go as well as our 10 mile run the week before. And overall I guess you could say we did well. I would’ve liked to have pushed through the last few miles though, but I just couldn’t run any faster. Mile 7 was tough, got a 2nd wind briefly, then mile 10 was tougher. Off and on between mile 11 1/2 and 12 1/2 were brutal- I got tired, my toe was throbbing from a bad blood blister (I don’t know why my 2nd toe on each foot impacts so hard), and I just flat could not run any faster. The last winding half a mile beside the ocean was beautiful, but I kept thinking “Where is the dang Finish sign?!” I’m so thankful for Julie, she has been such a great, encouraging running buddy. She could’ve easily shaved off about 15-20 minutes off her time and ran on ahead, but we trained together and we finished together.

Everyone needs those kind of friends that hang with you til the end. They push and encourage you. They stick with you even when they could run on ahead because they seem stronger. And the key is just committing to finishing in general. And we did. We finished well.

Check out some pics from the race:

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So now I need a new goal… Julie’s trying to get me to do the whole marathon… I dunno…



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3 responses to “The Half of It

  1. JBK

    Rebekah: You can do it and we are very proud of you and Julie. What a friend she is! Because of your efforts I start my couch to 5K on Monday. Love you,

  2. Way to go, girlfriend! Enjoy your weekend away!

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