I Get Around

I’ve not posted in a while. And the last was a crazy peek into my frazzled mind during sleep. Sorry about that. So… what’s shaking?

I definitely don’t know if I looooooove running yet, but I do enjoy it most days. It’s a good, quiet, thinking/processing outlet. It’s a good non-thinking activity too. Even when I’m with my running partner, I love how we can talk or not talk and it’s great. Ending week 4 of half marathon training. It’s going…uh, well… Ok. The weekdays are pretty good. I’m trying to push myself a little more each run to improve time. The long run day, not so much. 4-5 miles is extremely hard for me. The last couple weeks I haven’t been as hardcore with my water intake, so that could be partly to blame. But mostly I just get tired. And it’s been so incredibly humid here, even at 5:30 in the morning. I feel like I’m breathing in water. Some days I’m thinking, “What did I get myself into?” or “how am I ever going to run 13.1 miles with training weather this stinking humid?” Blechhh. But I press on I guess. I do have a great running partner though, and I always seem to run better, or a little quicker with her. I want to quit half way through when I’m by myself. What does that say about me? Well, I guess it’s a good indication that we’re not designed to do life alone! That’s for a whole different post though… 😉

I did buy new jeans though. Even took them in a little more at the waist, since even going down in size is still kind of in between sizes for me… that was exciting. Weightloss and body fat loss progress!

The running saga to be continued…


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  1. JBK

    i’m proud of you young lady…just think – you are adding years to your life and think how healthy you will be when you and Chadwick start a family! Press on!
    Mama K

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