Random Dream

This is gonna be a really random post. I am a vivid dreamer and I often remember my dreams as soon as I wake up. Sometimes I can even  still remember them later in the day if I try really hard. I dream really weird dreams sometimes and there are a few that have been recurring since I was little. Do you have dreams like that? If so, post a comment with a dream that you’ve had several times and what you think it means.

Would be neat to have an interpreter! Here’s last nights dream:

Chad and I are living in a house in a pretty rural area. We only have our dog Chewie at this time. It’s in the wee hours of the morning and I get up to go to the bathroom when I hear something. I go to the living room and a small alien hovercraft is near the ceiling. It’s about the size of wall clock and cylinder shaped. A straight, blue beam comes straight down out of it and begins scanning the room. I duck for cover so that it can’t see me as I watch. I wonder what it’s looking for? It makes an exhaling kind of noise and the contraption lengthens a bit and other parts of the craft pop out. It flies out the window and leaves. Over the week I hear on the news that this is happening in other areas, peoples houses are somewhat ravaged and I wonder what they want. (Sound a bit like Signs right?)

It eventually comes back and shapeshifts into a small bear cub. (Who knew alien hovercrafts could do that??) It destroys much of our things and we are frightened. We are also taking care of a niece and nephew and are worried something will happen, so we begin to make plans to send them with some people to a safe place. Chad and I eventually chase it into the woods behind our house where it has shapeshifted again into older cadillac. The alien cadillac with full brights on emerges from the wood and crashes right through our kitchen bay window. At this point we have a grabbed baseball bat and small statue to defend. We catch it, hold it down and demand to know what they want, what they are looking for. It explains that they like our flying automobiles on our planet and want them. So I say, “ohh is that all? you could’ve just told someone instead of being so hostile and we would help.” I explained that if they hovered high enough they could scour the landscape and find dealerships with many flying cars and you could just take one or a few to figure out how to build them since they are so intelligent. The alien was very nice and said from now on they would be peaceable and then they left our planet. We got our niece and nephew back and resumed normal life and never saw or heard from the foreign hovercraft again.

Are you still reading? If you are, kudos to you. Yeah…this is my mind sometimes during the night.



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5 responses to “Random Dream

  1. O…….M……G………lay off the heavy meds before bedtime!

  2. Whatever… I went to bed at 9:30 w/ NO meds. I think it was the burger. And maybe grilled onions. And now I’m admitting to eating bad last night, thanks.

  3. JBK

    You must have drank some milk before you went to bed.

  4. Dear Old Dad

    Good grief Charlie Brown.! You must have had a greasy taco from the pits of hell. It is a good think you didn’t eat a chocolate candy bar, a chocolate shake, virgin dacqery, and a butte load of marshmellow treats with sprinkles. I don’t know whether that will cause u to dream or keep u on the pot all night.LOL . Oh well, the moral of this story is “DON’T EAT ANYTHING AFTER 9:00 PM or you’ll be flying around the room on a broom with a roll of toilet paper in your hand. your, loving dad

  5. Um… I am totally on your wavelength! I dream vividly as well and usually know meanings of things and seek the Lord and He reveals them to me…which I am thankful for.

    Flying cars like harry potter eh? 🙂 Maybe there is some you find a little alarming and fearful of,but in the end it is just portraying itself in a different light – whether it is a person or situation.

    I don’t know though. I like that though you were fearful, you fought it…you tough cookie you 🙂

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