Running and weightloss update

I couldn’t really think of a more creative title for this. So here it is.

Running has always been a good medium for me with weightloss. I’ve realized that I’m a goal oriented person, so once I trained for and completed the 5k race, I decided it was time to set a new goal. Some friends have been telling me I should train for the half marathon they are doing in Virginia Beach. I just might. I went ahead and started last week with a friend. I’ve gathered most people tend to do 12 week training programs, but obviously I don’t have that much time so I found an 8 week program. It has a program for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level runner. And I’m starting to enjoy running, but I am NOT a “runner” yet. It hasn’t been too bad. A little nervous about the 5 mile long run ending this week 2 though. We’re gonna see how we feel half way at week 4, and then register if we’re feeling ok about it. They say it’s about fitness, endurance, and just finishing- not necessarily the best time. And that’s how I’m approaching it.

Lately I get emails, facebook messages and wall comments from people who are on their own journey of weightloss and getting fit. It’s been so cool to hear people saying they are inspired by my story and progress, and it keeps them motivated to keep going. And then I’m reminded, and I want to keep going. It’s a great cycle. So keep them coming and leave me some love on this blog!

Here’s a before and after pic of an April 2nd bridal luncheon and today. At this point I’m down 25 30 lbs. In between then and now I had been doing 3 days of running 1-3 miles with the Couch to 5k program, and 3 days of Adventure Boot Camp of Horry County. It’s all been a great experience, and I’m pleased with the progress I’m making. It also helps to see it!





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11 responses to “Running and weightloss update

  1. Lisa Smith

    Girl! You look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  2. Tammy

    WOO HOO Girl, I’m so proud of you and YES, keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Wow you look GREAT!! Proud of you!

  4. Cindy Wynn

    You look awesome Rebekah!!!! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  5. Monica Yantin

    You look great! I was just telling Eric the other day that I could tell you had lost a lot! So proud of you! Watching your transformation is helping to motivate me! Good job and again Congrats!!

  6. jbk

    Rebek: I am so proud of you – your goals and your faith are such encouragements. You are an inspiration to many ladies that struggle with weight loss. You are so beautiful and I’m glad that Julie is training with you. Keep up the great work!!!!

  7. Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Fitness for life!

  8. jbk


  9. jill

    first off your hair is hot… but daaaaannnnnnggg woman you are lookin’ fine!

  10. Susie Arrendell

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  11. hannah

    wow rebekah your amazingly beautiful

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