The First 5k

Thanks to the Couch to 5k running program from I was able to complete my first 5k race last Saturday, July 3rd. It was the Freedom 5k and Independence Day 8k at Market Common in Myrtle Beach, and it was a beautiful day. Started out pretty cool around 65 degrees. I was a little nervous about the volume of people and it being too hot. I was nervous that my  normal 40-45 minute 5k in my hilly neighborhood wouldn’t improve, but remembered that the Market Common area was supposed to be pretty flat. I hoped that was to my advantage and it was. As I read around the internet, I started in the back right of the group and started a little slower than normal. I felt proud that I could run the whole way, with the exception of slowing at the gatorade station halfway, while others walked on and off. It got a little tougher the last mile as it began to warm up, but I pressed on and tried to run as hard as I could the last quarter of the way around the lake. What’s next you ask? Not sure. I discovered I am a goal oriented person. I will do it if I set the goal. So I’m considering my next race training options and definitely working to increase my mileage and improve time.

Here’s some stats and pics:

The playlist-

The time- 33:08

The Place- 134/167 (not too shabby)

The photos-



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4 responses to “The First 5k

  1. JBK

    Yeah Rebek – you can do it

  2. karen

    you go, girl!! we’re so proud of you!!!

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