Shedding the body fat

I got inspired once again after reading my friend Daryl Strickland’s weightloss story, it’s legit. It encouraged me to keep going. As I shed pounds and body fat, the better I feel. I’ve always struggled with the way I look, especially on stage. I started training to run 3 miles without stopping in February after a good friend encouraged me.  I hurt my toe and couldn’t do my first 5k race as planned but I hope to hit up another soon. All it takes is a little accountability, a few cheerleaders, improved eating habits, lots of water, and LOTS of discipline. The healthier and lighter I get, the better my fitness level gets and the better I feel. I think you need these elements in just about any area of your life. I’m currently doing 3 days fitness bootcamp, and 3 alternating days of running 2-3 miles each. I still have a long ways to go, but I’m putting up a few pictures as motivation to continue pressing on. They might not seem like a huge difference to you, but they are to me, and I can tell in my waistband and the constant need to throw my jeans in the dryer.

Then                                          Now



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4 responses to “Shedding the body fat

  1. JBK

    I am so proud of you Rebek (I’m beginning to see less and less of you – weight wise – haha)! Keep up the good work – what a committment for you and Chad King to make – you both continue to make us proud. Praying for you as you continue to fight the “weight battle”. What a “christian diva” you are becoming!

    Mama K

  2. LeinoLife

    Way to go, Rebekah!! Looking FABULOUS!!!

  3. wow. WOW! You are lookin’ SMOKIN!!!! Love. it. Love YOU.

  4. hannahsprings

    rebekah you look amazing

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