Layer Up

I know, I know, I almost only blogged once in a month. Things have been so busy lately.

So much I’m trying to balance with new place, new job, doing ministry at new church, trying to keep my apartment  mostly clean and my hubby happy. It’s funny how as God blesses you and brings new opportunities, or even gives you the things that you’ve desired, new things come up that you need to work on.

Not that you should think you’ll ever come to a point that you don’t have something to work on. But lately God has been teaching me things about myself, sometimes uncomfortable, but things I should improve. I’ll be real honest here. I’ve always struggled with insecurity about the way I look, especially on stage. (But I’m making progress in the working out department so that’s a great thing!) I have to remind myself who Christ says I am (Eph 3:1-8; Phil 1:6; John 15:16). I am also constantly working through having a spirit of humility. I don’t think this will ever end. But it really is kind of an oxymoron- as confident as I usually am about my singing, the way I feel I look sometimes cancels out that confidence. Even if you can’t tell by watching me, it’s there alot of the time. And then there’s the humility thing- I want to be confident in what I do, yet humble. I want to excel and give excellence and confidence in my strengths but not come across arrogant. And not just acting humble because that’s what you’re supposed to do, but being humble because that’s what Christ wants. I want it to be natural.

As a person, as a follower of Christ, as a leader, as a lead worshipper, my biggest desire is to constantly seek to please God, to have the traits that please him. I’ve been going through a short study “Worship Habit” written by a good friend Daniel Walters, for the worship band he leads at Lifepoint Church. It’s James through 2 Peter, and the focus is putting on a habit of worship. Just like nuns and priests wear what’s called a habit to display their devotion and religious order, we should put on our habit each day, developing a pattern that leads us to have intimacy with Jesus and devotion to him. And I love the play on words of the word habit!

The first layer is HUMILITY and I couldn’t have said it any better so I’m just going to re-post it:

Humility is powerful! It creates space for the Holy Spirit by taking ourselves out of the equation. When we surrender fully everyday, we hand the reigns over to Him and let Him lead. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and doesn’t force or coerce. He goes where invited and we NEED to give Him an invitation. We begin our prayers with humility as outlined by the Lord’s Prayer. Humility is important because it: pleases God (Isa 66:2), it invites the spirit to move (2 Chron 7:14), and it brings healing (Mark 10:46).


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  1. sheilacowell

    hey Rebekah! I love reading and seeing all that God is doing in your life…wow, i remember our short visit in the cafe just about a year ago and it’s so fun to see all the adventure God has had you on since then!

    Could you possibly tell me where I could get a copy of that study “Worship Habit”? Sounds like a fantastic read. : )

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