All the Right Moves

This morning was quite nice. Still a bit of a challenge at times when it came to numerous repetitions of various ab/core work exercises, but yogalates on the soft shoreline at 5:30am in North Myrtle Beach was more relaxing then the usual bootcamp routines. And the sunrise when we finished was glorious. Big orangey fireball peeking out along the horizon. And what was neat is I’ve never seen it rise that fast! God sure was creative when he came up with that.

So my fitness coach said something that caught my attention. He was instructing us to make most of our moves slow. Slow rotations, slow crunches, slow bicycle reps. He said he wanted us to “move with purpose” so that we felt the full effect of each exercise. He also said this required “control”. The goal is to build stamina and strength in our core. The point was not to race to see who could get done the fastest or hurry through, but to be controlled in our movements so that each one served their purpose to the fullest, each one did its work.

1 Peter 1:13

So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world.

When it comes to my life, this verse doesn’t just mean self-control over lust or gluttony or addictions as the bible often means in reference to self-control. It does mean ultimately striving to be holy, but I also believe it means thinking clearly in what you choose to do. These can be small daily activities, projects, events or thoughts. And we know what God says about our thought life… There is a tendency to rush through. Arms flailing around trying to get everything done, or do too much too fast and not really getting the full enjoyment or purpose out of what it is you’re doing. Just like in rushing sloppily through an exercise. You might get it done, but it doesn’t mean that you did it well or with purpose or accomplished your goal. Sometimes we may even have to eliminate things that we could do in order to do things the Holy Spirit prompts us that we should do. We have to say no to a lot of “good” things so that we can say yes to “great” things.

Whether it’s in your personal walk with God, your family life, or church ministries, every move should be done with purpose. We reach purpose with control, and we reach control by thinking clearly through the choice with intentionality.

Life is fast. You can’t always move “slow” but you can move with purpose. Do you have all the right moves?


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  1. Kim NeSmith

    What an awesome post.!!

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