Truth Thursday

1. I am in love with my husband more and more everyday. He makes me smile and laugh- and I believe that is key in any marriage.

2. Chad says if I were a character on The Office it’d be Angela. He’s kind of right. I’m a little (ok a lot) anal retentive and I’m a planner/organizer/structure person.

3. I get joy out of proofreading and editing content. (I actually would proof my highschool yearbook & correct mistakes if people wrote in pencil.) I am loving helping out with the web team and moving toward a re-design.

4. I have never been to NYC or California or overseas (US Virgin Islands doesn’t count). This will change one day soon.

5. I HATE to clean floors. You have to sweep. Then swiffer to get the extras you didn’t get sweeping. Then mop. Then while it’s drying you can’t go in there. Takes too long.

6. My husband takes Chewie out to the bathroom almost every morning so I don’t have to.  Yep I’m spoiled.

7. My husband has very creative ideas, is pretty dang funny, and one of the most loyal friends a person could ever have.

8. I hate disorganization or last minute stuff- if we’re going to do something, it needs to be done with excellence. And excellence takes preparation and communication.

9. Easy, Obvious, And Strategic has been what I filter everything through the last few years in ministry. Thank you Andy Stanley. It truly is some of the best wisdom- take people through steps to get from Point A to Point B, not programs. Ask yourself if it is easy, obvious, and strategic for people in whatever it is you are trying to implement.

10. Steve Fee really does make me run faster. I really do think my run times improve when that is in the ipod.

11. I realize more and more through our beginnings along the Barefoot Church journey, how much I appreciate, respect and value my past experience and leadership from Jeff Kapusta, Daryl Strickland, Matt Fry and Martha Fry. I am using the wisdom and life experience gleaned from them more and more these days. I am so thankful and it makes me smile thinking all that God has done through them in my life over the last 7 years.

12. I am reminded of a quote from a couple years ago, might’ve been Mark Driscoll. “Be married to the mission, not the method” in which we do ministry and reach people for Jesus.

13. I am so jacked to serve under my pastors Clay NeSmith and Rod Gray. They are so inspiring and teeming with life and vision.

14. Sometimes I don’t feel good enough, but then I’m reminded of what Christ thinks of me.

15. I absolutely love my job. Working from home, full time, doing stuff I like. And I got the job 2 days after moving to Myrtle Beach. God is amazing.

16. 15. A new favorite is the Calabash Creamery homemade icecream. This also has to stop.

17. Bootcamp and Couch to 5K programs are rocking my world. And literally changing our lives and our marriage for the better. (And hopefully counteracting the whole Creamery thing.)

18. My best friend just found out I can’t hear low tones very well. For real. If you mumble or talk soft or talk to me from behind, I probably didn’t hear you or have to pay close attention to. I’m not just aloof, I promise.

19. I’m a texture person. I can’t handle coconut, grits and most of the time, brown rice. I don’t like most gritty or spongey foods. Blech.

20. I love FoodNetwork. Especially Chopped where each contestant gets several totally unrelated foods and have to create an appetizer, entree and dessert. They usually all come up with something very different.



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2 responses to “Truth Thursday

  1. JBK

    Thanks for Truthful Thursday’s. My favorites are (in priority)
    #18 – truly she is a best friend;
    I’m so thankful that you married our son. What a blessing you have been to our family. My prayer is and always has been “God use them to Glorify your precious name”!

  2. I heart you too baby!

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