God seems to often use unlikely people. As I’m continuing on the journey of being Radically Obedient, I am learning that sometimes our situations have to come to pass in order for God to get us from one place to another, and for God to glorify himself.

In Joshua chapters 2 & 6 I read of Rahab’s story. A prostitute, used privately yet rejected publicly, living on the edge of town, an outcast. In fact, her home was even built into the city’s wall! Granted she may have made mistakes to get her there, but God can use bad for good. Had she not been literally positioned in rather crummy circumstances, would she have been able to hide two spies that were scoping out the territory God promised? She definitely wouldn’t have been in such an easy place to escape when the Israelites invaded and destroyed had her home not been in the wall!

She took a leap of faith and decided to trust the rumors that God could and would destroy her town. She feared God and she decided to trust God. For believing and trusting, God rewarded her by sparing her and giving her family a new home with the Israelites.

1. God uses unlikely people to accomplish his will.

2. God sometimes has to position you in less than stellar circumstances that have a future purpose.

3. God replaces the things lost with even better.

4. God can be trusted.


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