Rainbows and Valleys

What a weekend. We got to spend time with some friends, the Bolduc family, in Kingsport, Tennessee. It was definitely a sweet time of healing, encouragement and spurning on for all of us. What precious hearts for God and for people. And I absolutely fell in love with their kids- they called me Miss Merbeka. We enjoyed seeing and hearing about all that God is doing at Grace Church. Pastor Michael Robison is such a compelling communicator and oozes broken heartedness for those hurting & in need- especially Haitian people. He got to partner with Safe Water Nexus, Dave Ramsey and many others in providing medical care, food, and hope. God truly has given him favor in matching him up with countless organizations and people to help, donate massive funds to make a difference in Haiti, and hopefully will be able to build a new orphanage there. Read more about his past 10 days in Haiti and what you can do to help at michaelrobison.com.

As we were driving out of the mountains and back to North Carolina, I was thinking about how encouraged I was, but at the same time remembering our temp jobs that are now gone since they laid off everyone in our group last Wednesday. In beginning to head back to “reality” and how we will pay bills, rent, and figure out God’s next step for us, I looked to my left and saw the most beautiful picture. Out my window we passed a very deep, yet green with growth valley. It had been drizzly and overcast all week but blue skies were peeking out behind the sun. And then my eyes focused on a HUGE rainbow that stretched out over the entire valley! Isn’t life like that? No matter if it’s devastation in Haiti, a single mom barely making ends meet, a couple who’ve lost a child, or someone losing their job- there is hope. There is a great big rainbow over our valley. Even if you can’t see it because you’re in it, it’s there- God’s many promises are constantly over you just like that rainbow. Reminding me and you that he won’t leave us there or forget about us, that he has a plan, an escape route, a future. If you’ve forgotten, flip through the Psalms- there’s tons of God’s promises in there.



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4 responses to “Rainbows and Valleys

  1. karen

    wow rebekah- that was beautiful and so encouraging. thanks for the picture in words.

  2. Mama K

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. God is faithful as you well know. You know you made me cry! I keep saying “in HIS time” not mine. God’s blessings to you and Chad.

  3. sheilacowell

    “Out my window we passed a very deep, yet green with growth valley.” – that was beautiful Rebekah!

  4. Isn’t it though? I thought so when I saw it! You should’ve seen it.

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