Breaking the Fast

As Chad and I are breaking our 10 day Daniel fast today, I am encouraged by our experience. On the physical side, the first 3 days truly are the worst- just a bit of some headaches and light headedness as we were de-toxing. More than that I am excited that we actually completed it and gained a more consistent spiritual discipline through it that will only continue. We have never done a fast like this. Sure, we’ve fasted a meal, or a day, or tv/internet/twitter/facebook… All trivial things, I know, but let’s be honest- those were never really true sacrifices to us. I think doing a complete but shorter fast of all foods almost would’ve been easier than fasting from certain foods like on the Daniel fast. Next time I also want to journal, or go ahead and start now- I wish I had, don’t know why I didn’t.

But I found myself more in constant conversation with the Lord God and found that my sustenance truly came from him that after a couple days, I didn’t even feel like I was missing something. I have a stronger hope for what is to come for my family. A sense that breakthrough, healing and clearer vision is on the way for my family. I haven’t a clue what that looks like exactly, but I am beginning to see myself a player in God’s grander story. I have a better perspective on the essence of kingdom minded things, not just the work of doing it and the daily grind. I look forward to one day doing a 21 day fast.

We also went through the 21 chapters of John and here are some of the takeaways for me:

Jesus wants me to love him with everything that I am.

Jesus wants me to picture his beautiful yet brutal death and resurrection much more often.

Jesus was constantly thinking kingdom minded, not the trivial of this world.

Jesus gave me another Counselor that is even better. One that we should be careful not to grieve by our actions. (more on this later)

Jesus wants me to believe because of who he is, without seeing, not just what he can do. Those people are blessed.

Jesus chose me, wants me to bear fruit and remain in him. Pruning is painful, but more fruitful because of it.

Jesus wants me to love what he loves- the church, people, the weak, the broken, the poor and lonely. The messy, because that’s what we all are.

Jesus is who he says he is.


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  1. Kevin

    Very proud of you and Chad. I have never done a 10 day or anything longer than a day. I’m inspired.

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