Play What You Have

Chad and I have an app on our iPhones called Words With Friends. It’s basically Scrabble. We play this ALOT in Cubeville, also known as work, especially when the call center phones are quiet like they have been lately. For Christmas we also got our own Diamond edition Scrabble board at home. (Chad kills me usually, btw.)

Life is alot like Scrabble. You have to play what you have. You’re given 7 letters at a time to make a word out of. You’ve either gotta make it happen or adjust. If you can’t make a word and make something fit, then sometimes you have to pass on your turn or swap some tiles for some other random ones. In life we have to evaluate what we’ve got and try to do well. Much like if the opponent plays on the double letter or triple word you wanted to play next, you’ve got to make opportunities out of the setbacks or disappointments. You can’t just sit there (in self-pity or doubt) because then the game can’t go on, doesn’t do any good, and that’s no fun for anybody.

So make the most out of your letters or re-strategize in a positive way, seek the Lord’s counsel in what you should do. You can do it, God says we can in Christ’s strength (Phil. 4:13). So press on. Play on!

(and while I’m on the topic of playing on, you gotta pick up Carrie Underwood’s new album Play On- it’s fantastic and she’s a fave!) 😉


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