Daniel Fasting

So Chad and I are doing a 10-day Daniel Fast as of Monday. It’s our first one. For those of you who know us real well, you know food has always been a big struggle for both of us. To deny yourself food and really rely of the Lord as your daily sustenance, this truly is a big sacrifice for us. We are “all the time eaters”- celebratory eating for happy occassions, comfort eaters for sad and stressful times, and any time eaters for pure boredom. And we love all the worst kinds of foods and soda! Not only will it jumpstart a healthy diet and good habits for the new year, it’s just as much spiritual as it is practical. We are reading thru the book of John together and praying for the Holy Spirit to move in our hearts and lives in a big way. We are desperate for clarity & wisdom in some decisions, peace, and breakthrough for 2010. Something’s gotta give, get our attention…In a way that the only way to describe it is that God did it. I’m excited about what he reveals to us thru this step of faith and spiritual discipline of focus and listening. May God soften our hearts, make our spirits repentant, and our ears open to hear what he has for us.


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