The early days of LP











As Pastor Jeff Brad  and Daryl have twittered or blogged today about their remembrance of the early days at Lifepoint, it is ironic that I came across a Q&A on Holly Furtick’s blog. It sounds all too familiar of our own humble beginnings. WOW. I just read something pretty profound as a wife, ministry leader, and most importantly a Christ follower-


I think the same is true for ministry work (and really life in general).  It doesn’t get easier, it just gets different.  To all of you church planters out there who are thinking, everything will be better once we reach X amount of people, you are deceived.  

The good news is, God’s grace is sufficient no matter what stage of ministry (or life you) are in.  And you still need to be your husband’s main source of encouragement no matter how long you have been married or what his profe
ssion is.

~excerpt from Holly Furtick, Elevation Church (read the rest of her blog post here)


It’s hard to believe almost 4 years has passed. And granted Chad and I skipped out on this last year, and have recently moved back, the vision and the message is still the same. 



Love God. Love Others. Serve the World.


Life change never gets old, the power of God never gets old, and Jesus glorified never gets old.

We may have a few more material things than back then, but something Chad King said- 

“We are just as much ‘tools’ as all our fancy equipment is….Jesus will draw man unto himself…we just have to be obedient to His calling!”



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3 responses to “The early days of LP

  1. chadking

    you mean, Chad King, your husband? that’s me!

  2. Wow. This pic takes me back. I remember it looking cooler than that. Wow!

  3. karen

    brings back lots of memories! good blog, rebekah! we’re glad you guys are back!

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