Dinner FAIL

I’ll be honest, in our almost 6 year marriage (coming June 21st and I expect gifts!), I have not been the most proactive at some of the “wifely duties”. It was hard for me to make myself cook, clean and do laundry. I don’t know what it was. Sometimes I just didn’t want to do it, sometimes it was laziness I guess, sometimes busyness was my excuse and sometimes I just don’t know why. Not that it was always like this. I did cook some and have a few dishes I would always make, but that came in waves. (Just kidding on the gift thing)

Since moving into our own place I committed myself to being more “domestic” and planning meals in advance. Plus it’s better on your budget and health. I feel like doing the typical wifely chores is a necessity but also says I want to serve and honor my husband. Plus, if I don’t get into a habit or some kind of routine now, what the heck will happen when we have kids??

SO. Onto my Dinner FAIL of this week.

Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good, just didn’t quite look the way it was supposed to. It was supposed to be Marinated Tangerine Beef from BigOven.com. And I used freshly squeezed oranges and spices. Should’ve looked like this- 290405054649









I had good intentions to shop thrifty. How can I make this meal as inexpensive as possible? Some things you can’t skimp on. Instead of buying real steak, I bought 2 frozen packages of philly steak. But duh, you know what happens when you cook philly steak? Yes. It pulls apart and shreds as it’s cooked. Which is the whole point of philly steak. So it ended up looking like this-









Then I got to the angel hair pasta part and realized I didn’t have a big enough pot to cook enough for the 2 of us and a guest. So I called Chad and told him to pick up noodles ANYWHERE. Somebody should have some. Got Tofu Pad Thai entree. Not to mention his car broke down before on the way, and our guest had to pick him up, stop by for noodles, and get home.pad thai

So picked out the tofu, put the shredded beef on top of  the noodles, and we had Marinated Tangerine Mush with pasta. Tasted plenty orange-y although I think most of the flavor was in the noodles…Our single friend loved it though. Go figure. On the other hand, my meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes Thursday night was a hit…



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4 responses to “Dinner FAIL

  1. Janice

    you go girl – keep trying.

  2. I learned to cook at a fire station. I love to cook, but I can’t cook for two people. Everything I do best is stuff that goes into a pot…a large pot! But, firehouse cookin’ is always the best at stickin to your ribs…
    Ask Barb about the first time I cooked meat loaf for us. It could have fed a platoon of Homer Simpsons.

  3. Hats off to you my friend for trying!! I remember I once tried to jump on the ball with the wifely duties (this was at least 5 years ago). It ended in what looked like cat food AND my poor husband pulling in the driveway as I was running the steaming hot cat food dish to the outside trash!!

  4. I love to cook. But, I must say, in our first 4-5 years of marriage, it was pretty much open a can or box and reheat. Cooking, like with any other hobby, just requires practice. It takes alot of failures to create a masterpiece.

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