What would I do?

D-Strick had his own list of to-do’s  here if he were debt free. As we begin our own debt-freedom journey, I think of the things I’d love to do.

Start college savings fund for my kids

Sponsor some kids through Compassion International

Visit Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables country), Grand Canyon, Italy

Donate a large sum of money to my high school’s performing arts department

Buy Chad a killer gold top Les Paul (the $18,000 one at Gruhn Guitars downtown Nashville)

Go on a cruise with my family

Adopt a kid

Go on an overseas mission trip

Record a worship album and a country album that sounds awesome, that i like

Buy a rental property

Bless our parents back monetarily


We started Joe Sangl’s track a while back and are just getting back to it now. Hope to get here one day. What about you?


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One response to “What would I do?

  1. Janice

    Rebek: If I were debt free I would give praises to Jesus for getting us to that point of our lives!

    I would give C3 and Lifepoint a large chuck of change and I would sponsor a deserving student to attend Liberty University.

    I would buy you and Chad a house;

    I would start college funds for my future grandchildren;

    I would donate to a shelter for women that suffer from Domestic Violence – especially one in Johnston County;

    I would build an orphanage in Johnston County;

    I would take my family on a mission trip;

    I would get Chad that famous guitar he dreams of;

    I would get you a recording studio;

    I would buy a house in the mountains and one at the beach!

    Then Sammy and I would take that trip to Alaska that we so much want!

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