Intentionality is big with me. Because it takes a bit of advance planning and preparation to do it. When that doesn’t happen, I get irked.

Now last weekend we moved into our new apartment, which I’m stoked to be having our own place in general, and it’s a nice complex. I couldn’t be happier with the apartment.

However, somewhere the ball got dropped with our move-in and I got very frustrated. I called the day before, to confirm lease signing and move-in for the next day. We get there right at 10:00 when they open, and the place is locked up. A girl shows up 15 minutes later looking like she just came from the beach. She got a mortified look when I told her what we were there for, and proceeded to tell me she does not have authorization to do the lease signing but could probably get us our keys to go ahead and move in. Keep in mind our rental truck has to be back by 2pm.

About 10 minutes later, our contact called saying she was running late and would be there to walk us through our lease signing. Nobody would’ve known she was coming anyway, had she not called. I assumed somebody forgot and the person scheduled to work was last minute. Planning. At every apartment signing we’ve had, and we’ve had a few, the leasing person has been ready with our documents printed out to verify, sign, and the check amounts we owe already prorated and calculated. Preparation. We sat for 30 minutes while this person dug out papers from all over and tried to calculate the amounts we needed to write checks for. It also looked like no one had been in our apartment to at least do a sweep and make sure everything checked out. It wasn’t. We didn’t have AC all weekend because it was broken. New carpet was not tacked down properly and got ripped up when we started to vacuum. Cobwebs everywhere. Maybe I’m a little high maintenance but this has been standard preparation for every apartment we’ve moved in…

I digress… Intentionality is one of my favorite things about Lifepoint Church. For the first time in 3 1/2 years, we actually didn’t park in volunteer parking and came through from front door and back. I got a chance to see what it’s probably like for first timers. Although not perfect, and always a work in progress just like any other church plant, the pastor and staff are almost always intentional  about everything they do. Every connection activity, every taping down of cords, every children’s story, every cover song, every giveaway in the service, every rock in the sink. Just about everything that is setup or done says, “SOMEONE WAS EXPECTING ME”. I love that!! Whether you are a newcomer, regular attender or Dream Team member. We know you can park your own car, but we’ve got smiling faces outside to ease any first time hesitancy. We have ushers helping you find a seat when it’s filling up. We have age-appropriate FUN activities and bible study for your kids. And we have team leaders and staff that make a point to communicate details AND encouragement to their volunteer team. Brad sends out an email just about every week THANKING every volunteer involved in his area, ENCOURAGING them, and telling a glimpse of what God did through that day. This is huge. People will sign up for awesome vision, but alot of them slip out the back door without constant thanks and godly encouragement. But that’s a post for a whole other time.

Takeaway: Intentionality says “Someone Was Expecting Me.” It helps create momentum for the mission Jesus has called us to. And it matters.


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