Thankful in a big way

My head is in a million places right now. I gotta say though, I’m totally blessed. We are reaching the point where we are coming out of “The Dip” at least for a while. 😉 If you read one of my earlier posts then you’ll understand The Dip was a 2 week series by Steven Furtick from Elevation that impacted our lives in a major way. I’ve listened to it multiple times since being at the first week in person back in March. I still keep the 3 R’s on my phone and eventually it will go up on my fridge and bathroom mirror again in my new digs.

I started a new job a couple weeks ago in Wilmington, Chad starts one tomorrow, and this weekend we finally moved into our own place after about 6 months with his parents. I heart parents in a big way- words will never express my gratitude for their crazy love to us. My parents have also been there for us so much, although far away in Texas. Both of our parents really model Christ and his constant and unconditional love. (The Joe Sangl debt free track also is about to re-commence and debt is gonna get kicked in the teeth, so YOU reading this hold us accountable!)

It feels so good to be “home” and not just near the beach and reconnected with great friends, but a part of Lifepoint’s vision to reach the Wilmington area for Jesus- that vision that’s been burning on our hearts for a year and a half. Were we “supposed” to move to Nashville? Maybe. Maybe not. Although I don’t necessarily think it was “in God’s will” to go sometimes He lets you “color outside the lines a little.” And the fact remains that God seemed to say, “Ok, you guys go your own way, have a little fun, but I will show you who I am and bring you back to where you need to be.” I wouldn’t trade the pain or mistakes for anything. Because I wouldn’t have learned anything from them. Sometimes you have to take yourself out of an environment to really see things clearly, see what’s important, see what you were, and we wrestled with some tough things this last year and a half. The Lord shattered our pride , showed us immense grace, and revealed to us that he has our plan mapped out. The incredible thing, is God gets to use OUR story for HIS glory.

So a few things I’m getting wrecked by- finishing up the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, started the One Year Bible a couple weeks ago (and I’m really gonna do it and finish it this time), and Stop Acting Like a Christian, Just Be One by Christine Caine from Hillsong Church. I’ll post some more thoughts on these later.

Thanks and praise to God for who you are and what you’ve done. Thanks Pastors Jeff and Daryl for your love, support,  friendship, and most of all vision. Thanks to our C3 family back in Clayton for a place to learn and serve these past few months. And thanks to our new and old friends (you know who you are) for your constant prayers, letting us invade your space for 6 months, and  your dearly loved friendship.



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2 responses to “Thankful in a big way

  1. Janice

    Rebek – I can tell in your writing that your faith has been renewed. Following God’s plan is not always easy but it is the right one. He takes us to places where we can learn and that one you and Chad have done. Stay true to his word, stay true to your commitments, and blessings will continue to pour out and the “dip” will be gone! Love, Mama K

  2. Good luck to Chad in his new job this week. I am thankful for your new job, place, and perspective as you guys re-emerge in a new town! Thanks for sharing what you’re learning and your journey through the ‘dip.’

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