I did something stupid

sauce-007largeHow often do we do something stupid? Like real dumb, and don’t consider the consequences? I was reading Proverbs 25 today on recommendation from this guy. Check it out.  And it got me thinking about something I did a couple weekends ago. I was hanging out at Firehouse Subs for lunch after church with some of the Lifepoint staff and a couple new friends who just moved to Wilmington. The cheesesteak was awesome, but something there may have impeded my urge to go back… and left a bad taste in my mouth. Literally. It may seem kind of funny now, but wasn’t at the time…

A few people were trying a tiny dab of this John Boy & Billy’s Three Pepper Hot Sauce. I think the bottle on our table was actually the Extra Hot. I wasn’t really paying attention to the fact that Jeff was reading a cautionary disclaimer printed on the bottle. Now I like spicy stuff. I usually upgrade to hot on my Thai food at Indochine. So I thought, what’s the big deal? Everyone’s a wimp. Let’s see how I can impress my table. So I slopped about 2 teaspoons onto my sandwich and chomped into the whole bit. It took a second, but eventually I was sweating a little, felt warm, and had this fluttering in my chest. They said my eyes were red and bloodshot. Not to mention I was a little hoarse already from allergies all week. My throat was on fire. My lips were tingly. As long as I kept chewing and drinking, the burning sensation was kept at bay. But the minute my mouth and throat got still, it’s like raging inferno radiating heat from my esophagus. Although I didn’t feel sick to my stomach, the fluttery feeling in my chest after about 5-10 minutes led me to excuse myself to the restroom. And I threw up my lunch. Twice.

I don’t know if you can permanently do damage to your throat or vocal cords pulling a stunt like that, but what if? That would really suck if I couldn’t speak well or ever sing again. What if the habanero overload ate a hole in my stomach lining?

Ok so maybe these are drastic scenarios, but still. Every choice we make has consequences. I remember 1 Corinthians says something about everything being permissible but not necessarily beneficial. Seek wisdom from the Lord, and think first so you make the right choices. Pay attention to instructions or disclaimers in your life. Oh, and know your spicy limits.


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  1. Now that was a funny story/truth. But there is wisdom to be gleaned from it.

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