“Dip happens!”

I know, I know, no blog posts since 2/24. Lame.  I’m sure you’re all clamoring to read what’s new.  We got the chance to go to Charlotte a couple weekends ago- after trying last year in Nashville, Chad was contacted and given a VIP pass to by-pass the audition line for Biggest Loser casting.  It was cold and nasty and rainy there, and took us 3 hours just to get out of Charlotte because of traffic, bad weather, wrecks and impending snow. But quickly Chad was asked to come back for Round 2 of auditions- an on camera interview. What can I say? My husband rocks and his personality shines. He has a good look and style, he has a good story, he has a contagious laugh. He’s an all-around good guy that I think America would love to root for. He’s still in the running, so more on that later.

A lot of our time has been spent contemplating, praying, reflecting, struggling with past decisions (and consequences of them) and present decisions of what we were made for and what’s next. Reflecting on past stupidity, bitterness, and deep hurts. Thankfully Christ’s strength is allowing us to move on, to kick Satan in the teeth and refuse to let bitterness drown us in a sea of self-pity, uncertainty, and doubt. To have joy no matter what. To refuse to let a temporary fog cloud our hope, and what is on the other side.

Let’s just say, we have gone through several DIPS in our lives. And I think God allowed us to come to Charlotte for more than Biggest Loser. We got the chance to experience Elevation Church for the first time. They launched about the same time as we were helping plant Lifepoint Church in Wilmington 3 years ago, and have seen God do unexplainable and remarkable things. Pastor Jeff has always tracked with Pastor Steven Furtick’s blog and church, and so did we. So we made a point to check it out while we were there.

Furtick is one intense preacher boy. There is no watering down of the gospel. No health ‘n wealth type feel-good sermon. No dancing around sin and repentence. He is a strong, annointed communicator. As I sat in tears on the fourth row center of this high school auditorium, God was speaking directly to me. Steven’s message was the first of a series called The Dip based on Seth Godin’s book. We’ve all been there. A journey of ups and downs. And boy have we had them.

Basically there are 3 kinds of Dips:

1. Dip of disobedience – direct disobedience to God, Repent

2. Dip of ignorance – acts of stupidity, even unintentional

3. And the divine dip – circumstances that God allows to happen that are beyond our control.

His encouragement was to do this:

1. Receive God’s present activity- be in a posture of humility

2. Remember God’s past faithfulness- what God did for you yesterday, he will do for you tomorrow.

3. Respond to God’s direction

photo2If you are going through any kind of valley or “Dip” in your life right now, whether financial, physical, mental, or spiritual, remember that it is only for a season. Furtick said that Sunday “the lower your Dip, the higher you will rise”. And I believe that. Hold on to hope, examine your heart and life, and think of the 3 R’s. I keep them on my bathroom mirror and on my nightstand.

Check out 1 Kings 17 for yourself and go listen to Pastor Steven Furtick’s podcast  of Week 1 and 2 of The Dip here:



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3 responses to ““Dip happens!”

  1. dad

    I am so missing you today. i got on this blog site today and wow, you are so much the grownup daddy’s girl. I wish you and Chad all the best in the world. You and He both will be just fine as long as you continue to listen to God and follow Him. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He didn’t teach you to swim to let you drown and He didn’t just build His home in you to suddenly move away. He didn’t lift you up to let you down. Those were the words to the old Imperials song and they fit you and Chad so very well. You have brightened my life and I am glad that you and chad are so together on most everything. I love you both and can’t wait to see you soon. I am looking forward to see ing that first grandbaby …4 ft. tall and ….who knows how much bigger. I continue to pray for you both..I am one of your biggest fans. Love ya.

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  3. Thank goodness you mentioned the Dip series again. I tracked it down on your blog to this post and man I needed it today. I think I’ll be writing this down as well. Must have missed this podcast.

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