My Valentine

I thought this little survey would be great to post for all those that aren’t caught up to speed on Chad and Rebekah King. I am so thankful God brought him into my life and every year gets better! This is our 5th Valentine’s Day as marrieds!










College days dating
























Present day




Q: How did you meet your husband and how old were you?  A: Chad and I met at Liberty University. He started playing guitar with a full scholarship group Sounds of Liberty in 2000, and I came on as a freshman in 2001 to sing with the group. The age difference doesn’t seem so big now (32 and 26) but when I was in 7th grade Chad was a freshman in college! (the first time  through college…long story)

Q: Was it love at first sight? A: Not really. We started training camp in July 2001 for the music group we were on at school, and by November we were hanging out non stop “as friends”. Neither of us wanted to call it that, and I think when he would go back to the dorm at night his friends would ask him about it and give him a hard time! After a little drama, we were “officially dating” by February 11, 2002.

Q: How did you know you were supposed to marry him? A: I just knew I could see myself with Chad for a long time, and he was the one I wanted to grow old with.

Q: What was the first date like? A: Define “first date”! The first date I remember, was when we were at the end of the “just friends but somebody might make a move soon” stage. We went to a late movie, Bandits with Bruce Willis. I don’t even remember what it was about, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I did the whole “my hands are so cold in here” thing and he of course ended up holding my hand. Too bad the movie was going to be over past midnight, and at LU our curfew was midnight, so we had to leave. After getting in the car he gave me a hug and said he had a great time, and then came the first kiss pulling out of the hug! We were not even late for curfew.

Q: Where did your first kiss take place? A: See above. In the movies 10 parking lot.

Q: Where did you go on dates? A: We would go to the mall or a restaurant in Roanoke (back then we had to go to Roanoke so Chad could shop at Structure/Express for Men!), we went to the Billy Joe’s Icecream, Sundae Grill & Macado’s in Lynchburg, and Target!

Q: Do you know everything there is to know about your husband? A: I know who he is as a person deep down, his likes/dislikes, fears and insecurities. But I learn something new just about every day. It’s a work in progress.

Q: Were your/his parents supportive of you when you started dating? A: Definitely! His parents couldn’t have been happier and his mom thought any of the girls on Sounds would’ve been a catch, ha. My parents didn’t let the seriousness of it sink in at first, but really liked Chad alot.

Q: Was your wedding what you expected it to be? A: Even more! It was so beautiful and fun. It definitely had our personality in it with the songs we picked, the colors and gerber daisies. And our best friends Joi and JB took us to our hotel in Atlanta in his F-150 after our limo driver showed up NOT in a limo, but in a older sedan with a big dent in the front. We got our money back though, and the ride with our best friends made it sweeter.

Q: How long was it till you got engaged after you started dating? A: Right at about a year if you count the “we’re really dating just not saying it” part. But officially from February 2002 to November.

Q: Long or short engagement? A: Short. 6 months. Engaged over Thanksgiving 2002, married by June 21, 2003.

Q: Did you write your own vows? A: No, but we did find a few versions online and combined the parts we liked that were very meaningful. It was wonderful.

Q: What was one of the things that attracted you to your husband? A: His smile, contagious laughter, humor, and plethora of random knowledge and trivia.

Q: Do you believe he is your soul mate? A: Yes, I believe God had a plan to bring me an amazing man into my life, and for me to be a help-mate to him.

Q: Are you happy that you married him? A: Please see all answers above 🙂

Q: Place your husband was born? A: Dunn, North Carolina baby!

Q: Favorite movie? A: Ours together- Moulin Rouge. His- When Harry Met Sally. Mine- While You Were Sleeping. (see he likes chick flicks, I picked a good one!)

Q: Occupation? A: Guitar instructor/office manager/band leader

Q: What does he do for fun on the weekends? A: Spends time with me, hang out with friends, go to Guitar Centre, watch Redbox movies.

Q: What was his first thought of you when you first met? A: He said I have a reddish ring of fire around the iris in my eyes.

Q: Does he snore at night while sleeping? A: Sometimes.

Q: What about farting in his sleep? A: Never noticed during sleep. But I’m a hard sleeper.

Q: If you could go one place with him anywhere in the world where would that be? A: I’d love to go to Vegas, a cruise, Ireland and Italy.

Q: Who married you? A: Kevin Price, my youth pastor from Douglasville, GA. And Chad’s pastor Matt Fry did part of the ceremony too.

Q: Is he the best thing that ever happened to you? A: Absolutely. I couldn’t imagine life without him, and I can’t wait to experience everything God has in store with him by my side.


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