Christine Caine & the weekend re-cap

C3 Worship- Chick NightThis past weekend has been pretty incredible. The band, praise choir and dance team knocked it out of the park with powerful, energetic and reflective songs of worship. I am still trying to wrap my head around all the things Christine Caine said. She not only spoke at 3 weekend services, but also Chick Night at C3 Church. A powerful communicator, leader, coach, visionary, and voice for the broken and hurting. From her home Hillsong Church in Australia, she travels all over the world bringing God’s Word, the hope of Jesus, and raising awareness of the sex slave trade plaguing much of Europe through the A21 Campaign.

Christine Caine










Here are some highlights of her weekend message:

-Life is uncertain. Everything is schizophrenic all over the world. But this is the greatest hour of the Church of Jesus Christ to be alive and bring hope to the world.

-Count it all joy WHEN (not if) you go through trials. Be of good cheer!

-Joy is the passion or emotion excited by the expectation of good.

-Whatever you’re going through, look beyond that. Because the bible says we’ve already won!


Fix your eyes on Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 

Jesus will finish what he started in our life- the source of our completion. Phil. 1:6  

Draw near to God. Hebrews 10:22 

Hold fast to the confession of our hope. Hebrews 10:23 

Don’t throw away your confidence in Christ. Hebrews 10:35 


Here’s a bit of a re-cap on her Chick Night message:

-Grow up, be responsible, and together be a voice to the broken and captive women and children in the human trafficking industry who have no voice.

Download the prayer guide here. Watch the video, find out more info, and how you can join in here.

-Strengthen your spiritual CORE. We have to do spiritual boot camp to strengthen our core.

-If there is a disparity between your inner world and your outer world, your world will collapse.

-We have to reach a place when reaching a lost and dying world is the outflow of who we are, not something we have to work up to do.

**The main take away: Love God with everything you are. Love your neighbor as you love yourself- which means we have to start by loving OURSELF. Knowing who we are in Christ; how loved and beautiful we are, how we as women have a specific plan in God’s design to shine a light in darkness and to be a change agent in our world.


God spoke to me about many things that I’m still processing. If you attended any of the services, leave a comment about how God spoke to you!


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  1. So good! I would have love to have made it. Thanks for sharing what you learned.

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