Last Minute Hope

Hmm maybe a good band name? I kinda like the ring to it… anyway, I was reading in Luke (23:33-43) today where Jesus is breathing his last breaths on the cross. Two guys were with him. Really bad guys. Who knows what they had done, but they were definitely criminals. Talk about beyond help- in our eyes anyway. Something that stuck out to me was that the one guy acknowledged Jesus as Lord, he knew that Jesus had done nothing to deserve being up there. But he reached out to Jesus anyway. He asked if the Messiah would remember him in his paradise. And woah, Jesus reached back. Talk about really being at the literal end of your road. Waiting till the very last minute. Jesus told him that “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

What is crazy is that Jesus reached out to the people that we would normally think are at the point of no return. Jacked up with diseases and infection. Nearly dead. Too messed up. Beyond help and beyond hope. Jesus went way past what we’d normally expect a “good person” to do. And I’m a good person. I’m relatively young. I have probably a full life ahead of me. Yet so often I neglect to open my bible and read his Word or even talk to him, and still expect him to make everything great for me. I get stuck in a pity party (And trust me, life is a little rough right now for us with our living and surviving situation). I’ve talked back to my husband. I’ve had bitter thoughts about someone else. I’ve envied what someone else has. I’ve done things I shouldn’t have. But there is always forgiveness. There is always help AND hope!

What amazes me is that no matter what you’ve done, no matter how old or weak you are (in mind or body), you are NEVER  beyond help or hope. No matter how you’ve messed up in your journey of this crazy life, Jesus’ love and compassion goes far beyond that. So remember that. Get back up, and get off the pity potty. Reach out for God’s grace and mercy- it’s not too late. And see how YOU can give someone else hope that you think may be at the point of no return.



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5 responses to “Last Minute Hope

  1. Awesome post Rebecca! I love this scripture. Pretty much exemplifies how Incredibly Loving our GOD really is.

  2. LeinoLife

    Well said. Christ’s compassion always amazes me. Thanks for sharing your heart on this, Rebekah. Its great to read your thoughts again 🙂

  3. thanks for your candidness in sharing your struggles. It’s helpful to see your heart and know that we all struggle and need Christ’s love.

  4. Hi Rebekah. Long time no see. Hey, I’ve got a question/favor to ask you. I’m in desperate need of a female drummer to play at a women’s conference in Myrtle Beach at the end of February. If you know anyone who may be interested, please Facebook me or email me. Thanks so much.

  5. amazing post! What an amazing God that it’s never too late, and we’re never too far gone to be out of His reach. That does give hope beyond belief.

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