All things photography

When Chad and I lived in Nashville, TN we got the chance to know a beautiful woman and photographer Miriam Brant. She’s a mom, wife, Campus Coordinator to Hendersonville, and radiates joy. She took some photos of us and Chad’s parents that turned out pretty sweet.

I love art and a good photographer who captures some truly beautiful moments in the life of a family, the outdoors, or creates funky artist photos. I thought I’d highlight her as well as a few other friends of mine who’ve got some excellent photography:

Miriam Naomi Brant, Nashville, TN



Josh Lawhorn, A New Day Photo, Douglas, GA

a new day photo


Jen Griffin, Wilmington, NC

jen griffin


Daniel Sumpter, Modesto, CA

daniel sumpter


William Black, Dalton, GA

william black


Nathan Michael Gomez, California

nathan michael









John Carl, Lynchburg, VA

john carl


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