Advent season

“Entering the story of advent means entering this season with an overwhelming passion to worship Jesus to the fullest.”  Worship Fully.

I love this quote. I snagged this off the Advent Conspiracy site which is the first of their 4-point mission. I linked off from Rachel Rowell’s blog. Rachel is a singer/songwriter, mom, and fervent Christ-follower. She and I are Twitter friends… we haven’t even met yet, but sort of know each other through mutual friends at Rock Church, and I really relate to her blog.

If you don’t know what Advent means, it comes from the Latin word adventus which means “coming”. It’s the expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Jesus the Messiah’s birth during the period before Christmas. Advent season usually is supposed to be a reminder to Christians how the Jews waited for the Messiah to arrive, as well as those of us in present day waiting for Jesus’ second return. So Advent season should be a season of worship and celebration.

You should go check out  the Advent Conspiracy website. It’s really cool what they are doing. They are encouraging the church and faith communities to:

Worship Fully– worship Jesus to the fullest

Spend Less- find creative ways to buy one less Christmas gift and still give (

Give More – make love visible through relational giving, just as God gave his Son; make special time to do a unique activity or spend time with family instead of buying each other stuff

Love All- one unbelievable present in the name of Christ

This Advent season find a unique idea this year that your family can spend  doing together that costs little or no money, and find an opportunity to give away love to others. One option on their website is to donate to help provide clean water to other countries. You can donate to provide for the needs of people in Ubauna. Pull an angel off the angel tree at church (Lifepoint, C3 Church, or any area participating church) to provide Christmas gifts to underprivileged families. Leave some fudge for your mailman. Read the Christmas story popcorn style with your family. Go on a nature hike. Sign up to help a soup kitchen. Anything, be creative! I’m gonna think on something my family can do…


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  1. jbk

    i’m getting excited. i already left the paper man some nuts; we need to make the mailman something.

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