We’re getting a mini van!

We’re getting a mini van! Well, not today, but eventually… Chad understands this demasculating mode of transportation will come one day. And I think he’s ok with it.

We want to start a family in a few years, mini van and all, provide for our family, maybe have a house, give generously, and be good stewards with what God’s given us. But we’ve got to do some things first to get there. To be free.

To sum it all up, Dave Ramsey says, “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

I have come to my own conclusion that Greed + Stupidity = Debt.

We did some pretty stupid things when we first got married, and even last year. The worst thing you can do is to expect to have now all that your parents have now- remember, it took them 25 years to get all that!  All along our 5 year marriage journey together, we have purchased things we didn’t have cash for. We purchased things and didn’t save extra cash aside. We purchased things, and then got screwed when somebody lost a job, cut their hand with a steak knife and needed surgery, when the government “overpaid” us and then asked for it back, we even purchased a gift for our church during a faith-giving financial series- on CREDIT! Hello?! Basically when life just happened we weren’t prepared OR honoring God.

We’re only a few chapters into Dave Ramsey’s book and workbook Total Money Makeover, and obviously it helps move things along faster if you actually have jobs in order to pay down debt, but stay with me here, we’re working on it. (If you have a job lead in Wilmington give me a holler!)

There is NO freedom in debt. At all. And another thing, when you die- your debt gets pawned off on somebody else! How losery is that?

Some of this I’ll be tracking as we go. Here’s a few firsts for us…

1. Start tithing again (even with what little we have with no full time jobs). Check.

2. Praying together as a couple for guidance and endurance to make the hard sacrifices. Check.

3. Ask God to bless and multiply what little we do have coming in. Check.

3. Keep up with the book and focus on the “living later like no one else” part. Check.

4. Sign up for debtfreewilmington.com. Check.


And last but not least (for now) until I post more progress…

5. Cut up the credit cards! Check.

photo-31  photo-42photo-5



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6 responses to “We’re getting a mini van!

  1. jillbarbour

    yay!! Can’t wait to see the lil’ baby kings. Good job working on the finances, Brad & I are working on it too!

  2. Amen! Shelli and I have struggled with some bad luck compounding on bad decisions. Thanks for being so honest about this.

    We are on a super strict budget right now, and my brother Jeff is our acting financial counselor. I’ll pray for you and may your progress be inspiring to others. Debt Sucks!

    Jason Elkins
    Transparent Christian Magazine . Com

  3. I think I am more upset that there was a ‘DELL’ account card in there somewhere…..

  4. I’m proud of you guys! Great work!

  5. Mom

    I could not figure out where my scissors were (ha)! Glad you put them to such good use! Dad and I are proud of the decision you have made. Praying for you!

  6. You guys are rockin! I’m so excited for the huge steps of faith that you are taking. God is going to make you huge givers, savers and spenders one day!!

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