All things new

New face, new blog header. Back by popular demand…. the Rebekah King blog. (Ok well only Jeff and Jill promptly requested.)

I am promptly bringing this blog back from the dead, but don’t get too excited- I’m not going to go crazy or anything. I’m only gonna blog the things that I think are worth posting, well, and maybe some occasional randomness. So it’s the all new blog.

I’m finding myself in a new old place, if that makes any sense. Old in the sense that in some ways I’m back at square one, back in the region of North Carolina I was in a year ago…but square one in a good way. New in the sense that God has done some serious pruning and teaching over the last year, and it’s left me feeling fresh, humbled, and excited for the things to come, more passionate about the things I was passionate about before I let myself get in the way. God has allowed me to be in the Music City of Nashville, meet some neat people, go to some wicked cool concerts downtown, have a great job that I absolutely loved, play with and meet some great artists, lose a job that I absolutely loved, write a little music, record some demos for an indie producer, and be a part of which had a lot to do with our growth. Growth that allowed me to deepen my faith in and love for Christ.

Here’s my top list of greats of 2008 (in no particular order):

1.  Finished my first complete country song (I have a habit of not finishing things).

2.  Got hooked on some new country music, Lyric Street artist Sarah Buxton – rising superstar and writer of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy” (awesome New Year’s Eve concert downtown at The Basement).

3.  Recorded demos pretty regularly for an indie producer, some of which are on my myspace music page. He produced my own song and it’s coming soon, so stay tuned! Waiting for the final mix down.

4.  Mom-in-law Janice King’s homemade chocolate pie, pot roast, spaghetti, and Flossie’s Chicken Casserole! All faves.

5.  Former Sounds of Liberty bandmate Jeremey Easley, lead singer of a country band called The Shoals. Seriously dig all their music, and Jeremy has given me a few of his own penned songs on loan that I love performing.

6.  Performing at Connection Cafe in Wilmington, NC December 19th. 8pm. Mark your calendar and come out!

7.    Re-connecting with very dear friends and the Lifepoint and C3 vision. Love what God is doing there!

8.    Fee’s new Christmas single “All Creation Sing (Joy to the World)” rocks. Listen to it here.

9.    My parents, brother and sister came out to visit us this spring. We had fun doing all the touristy stuff.

10.  As of recent, started Dave Ramsey’s guide to financial fitness via his book and workbook “Total Money Makeover”

11.  New fave worship artists:

Phil Wickham, album Cannons/fave song True Love

Robbie Seay Band, album Give Yourself Away, fave songs Rise and Song of Hope (Heaven Come Down)

12.  Got to bless a Nashvilly friend with some December Carrie Underwood tix that I obviously can’t use anymore.

13.  Grown to love and respect my husband Chad more, and strive to show it better.

12.  Moving back home to NC, re-evaluating, re-focusing, re-visioning.



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  1. yw

    Welcome back to Clayton and Wilmington –

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