Opposite Way


If you haven’t heard, Leeland has a new album out. “Opposite Way.” Chad played it for me in the car this afternoon and it is moving, intimate and it just flat out rocks. The first track “Count Me In” is amazing and just talks about how Jesus gave himself up for us and chose us first; he’s got big plans and hopes for us so jump into a love relationship with him and say “Count me in!” Go pick it up or download it. Pick up the previous album, Sound of Melodies, while you’re at it if you haven’t heard it- that one’s got some of my favorite songslike “Yes You Have,” “Beautiful Lord,” and “How Wonderful”.


Oh yeah- and my all time fave worship song right now is one that our worship pastor Brandon Frazier at LifeChurch in Hendersonville has been rocking…called “Rise” by Robbie Seay Band. Another guy who leads worship there is Andy Kirk, and he’s got vocals on this song as well. Check him out here. Even American Idol has been using it in their commercials this season, pretty cool. Everytime I’m at church and it’s in the set list, people are SO into it and just singing their lungs out (or at least I am). Besides the fact that something about the mix of the lyrics and the way he sings it is just amazing, the words are simple but powerful and uplifting- they cheer people on to RISE and be triumphant over trials and have joy in Christ, to love and give love away.

Here’s a video of the song RISE from a few weeks ago (Chad playing guitar of course)- the quality sucks b/c I accidently left it on a smaller resolution, but you get the idea. This song rocks!



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4 responses to “Opposite Way

  1. yeah….there is good christian music!

  2. jamesmclean

    woo hoo, i like leeland. i think their first album is better but this one is good too. they are coming to LU in April!

  3. "yw"

    please update your blog when you can

  4. Jill

    will you please update? My life is far too boring, I need to know whats going on in yours!

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