Best Week Ever (not the show)

I had the best week ever… or should I say weekend. And no, I’m not talking about the show.I’ve got some recent pics up on my Flickr, so check them out.

This Saturday not only did I audition for a new show premiering in March called “Can You Duet” that American Idol and CMT are teaming up on, and hooked up with an awesome guy singer to sing with (from Wilmington! small world!) which was lots of fun, I got a call from my Wilmington buddy Jonathan Anderson who goes to Belmont University here in Nashville. (Jonathan plays acoustic guitar a bunch during summers at Lifepoint.) He said he was at a warehouse studio near downtown having fun being in a Mute Math music video as an extra and they needed more people! Holy crap, how cool is that! They are filming the video “Control” and for those of you who remember, Jeff Kapusta and Brad have liked using this song in some of the videos they have created for LP. It was so much fun… all I can say is white jumpsuits, white beanies, and aerial shots of crowdsurfing. Can’t wait to see the finished product. I have no idea what it’s gonna look like, but definitely cool it should be. Oh, and all the guys in the band were super nice and down to earth. Good music and good times. Can’t wait to hear the new album out too…

Here’s a shot of me and Jonathan. Click on the pic to view more on my Flickr page. img_0132.jpg


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