“The Last Supper” and MORE!

I definitely have my faves…if there’s a couple things I crave it’s cheesecake, a philly cheesesteak from Jersey Mike’s, and Zaxby’s fries with honey mustard sauce… I know, I know not the best way to start your New Year off by talking about mouthwatering tasty food, huh? Sorry about that…

So although I was very consistent from about May to September 2007, and I did lose about 25 pounds (kudos to me)- I definitely want to slim down much more. The American Apparel store here is just so darn great and I wanna wear some of that! (I know some of you are very jealous that we have that AND a Mac store here! Ha ha!) It’s time to get back on track and get even healthier in ’08. T-minus 50 more lbs this year, baby!


Sunday was our “Last Supper” if you will. Chad and I have been talking for the past few weeks (since Thanksgiving!) about starting a real meal plan and consistent exercising. We will be starting what is sort of based on the LA Weightloss plan. Basically low fat, and super portion control, along with journaling what we eat everyday. I’m excited and scared all at the same time! It’s gonna be hard, but the benefits will be out of this world! Here’s a few:

  1. increased energy and health
  2. increased intimacy with spouse
  3. increased positivity (body image)
  4. increased stewardship and better example of the body God’s given us

I do know that I want MORE in life. And I don’t think desiring more is a bad thing.

Here’s a list of more things I desire and want to do in 2008:

  • more intimacy with God everyday
  • more focus on my spouse’s needs instead of my own
  • more energy and health for the heart and body
  • more songwriting
  • more discipline in singing and playing guitar
  • more opportunities to sing/perform
  • more attending good shows with great music
  • more increasing the quality of life (and The Life) for others

But all at the same time, “He must become greater; I must become less.” -John 3:30

What do you want more of in 2008?


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  1. You have an American Apparel store too? I’d have to say I’m a little jealous…

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