Closing out “He Will Be Called…” with trash cans

So Chad has been playing at Hendersonville quite a bit. He played all 4 regular services as well as 2 Christmas Eve services this weekend! Whew, it was a long one, but such a cool ending to the “He Will Be Called…” message series! It was awesome though, some pretty rocky versions of Christmas carols (and I mean ‘rock’ in a good way). He shared the stage with another electric guitarist Cian (pronounced Shawn). It’s been cool gettin’ to know some of these folks, super talented musicians, and Pastor Craig Groeschel’s messages have been solid. It was also incredible to see about 15 people make decisions to follow Christ this weekend, and over the past weeks collecting & distributing about 2,000 LifePacks to single moms and kids all over the community- packs that contained toys, clothes and cool spa type stuff for mom! Everyone has been so generous in their giving, and over 4,000 moms were blessed this Christmas. That’s about 20,000 LifePacks for moms and families given from ALL 12 of the LifeChurch campuses around the country!

Here is the set list from the weekend:

Christ Is Come – by Big Daddy Weave

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman – version

O Holy Night – by MercyMe

O Come, O Come Emmanuel – version

I’m pretty proud to say that I filmed these vids on my 3-year-old Sony Cybershot 5.0 digital camera with the video feature! I’ve got a version or 2 posted on Youtube from Monday’s Christmas Eve services that for some reason look and sound a little fuzzy. But the Sunday version look and sound pretty dang good for a little camera. You can go to Youtube or watch below. And although you see a short dark-haired girl singing, alas it is not me but Lindsey Voltz who’s vocals rock, and Brandon Frazier the worship leader is pretty cool too. Oh yeah, and there’s some involvement with big metal trash cans on O Come O Come Emmanuel!

O Holy Night

O Come, O Come Emmanuel



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2 responses to “Closing out “He Will Be Called…” with trash cans

  1. Hi Rebekah! You and Chad are awesome. Glad to see you’re liking Nashville. See you this weekend!

  2. Paul

    Rebekah, videos were awesome. Thanks for posting them. Glad you guys are doing well. Hope both of your musical careers take off. Living the dream! God bless you both. Say hi to Chad.

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