All things Nashville

Ok, so I haven’t blogged in a while…I think Chad has blogged much more and been here less. I know, I’m lame, I’ve got plenty of things to talk about but I just haven’t gotten to it. I know people have been buggin’ me to do it (Ahem! Jill!) not mentioning any names or anything…

Thanksgiving was great. Good times with family…probably won’t see them for a while. Chad’s parents helped us move up and move in, so that was cool time spent with them.

So I love my job. Super nice people. Super nice boss, very flexible, and good at setting clear goals (“clarifying the win”). So I feel productive and feel like I’m an asset because I’m accomplishing things within a specific guideline. I’m the Marketing Assistant for a company that provides phone systems for small to medium sized business…some actually pretty cool software and techy stuff. My boss also got me and the sales girl a gift card. I got one to a new favorite restaurant of mine, Calypso Cafe. It’s a Carribbean kind of local dive with several locations…really good jerk chicken, fresh black beans and wild rice, curry-oriented foods, and a really yummy Carribbean/BBQ sauce that they make… Yum-O as Rachel Ray says!


Got an extra day paid to take in addition to Christmas day, to take whenever I want next week, so I picked Christmas Eve obviously- long weekend. We also had a pretty fun company party with games and cool prizes and cash! Yay, we needed extra cash.

Also have a new Myspace Music page up with some song samples… already got some good traffic…over 500 hits! So thanks to all who have stopped to check it out recently. Chad’s pretty handy with his Mac and was able to edit short clips of some songs I had recorded before I moved (courtesy of Kurt Masteller of Clayton, NC) as well as a couple older live recordings from Liberty days. Hopefully a good way to get my voice out there and what I can do, which in turn will bring some opportunities about as I continue networking. Chad’s also got one now to get his playing out there a bit so go check it out-

Been to some neat little local dives around downtown. I made Chad use a free ticket to go see Daughtry (hit songs “I’m Going Home” and “It’s Not Over”) at the famous Ryman Auditorium…which was cool. I’m glad he got to go. Good musicians, good stuff. Hopefully we’ll both get to catch a good show in the near future. We look forward to doing Christmas Nashville style, and I’m sure we’ll spend it with a couple friends and some of our “surrogate family.”

I will update more soon!


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  1. jill

    its about time!!! jk Sounds like Nashville is awesome. I’m really happy you love your job 🙂 you guys have an awesome holiday!

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