And the Lord said…

“It isn’t good for the man to live alone. I need to make a suitable partner for him.”~Gen. 2:18 clip_image002.jpgToday ends my 3 week solitude.  I am pretty excited. Can’t wait to see family, have some good hang out time, and Thanksgiving festivities! …We’ve done it once before, the whole living apart for 3 or 4 weeks when we were moving to Wilmington, NC. It was the “whoever gets the job first, moves” kind of deal…Not only have I had no more than a few dishes, toiletries, a blow-up mattress and a couple lamps, but I’ve been without my hubby Chad! It’s good for the soul though, keeps ya humble.  I’m praying that Chad will find a good job fairly quickly, despite the holiday season. God has definitely blessed me with a great job that is going pretty well. I’m the Marketing Assistant for a busy telecom business that provides multi-line phone systems for businesses, pretty cool stuff actually.  So I get to talk on the phone alot, work with web/graphics people and do promo stuff, plan events. Nice people, good benefits.I grew up in northeast Nashville as a kid and have always wanted to move back. I have many fond memories of the blazing fall colors of the hills, the Christmas decorations, knomes and cascade fountain lights inside the Opryland Hotel, being involved in music/media projects around the community, hanging out backstage at the Opry, Hee Haw tapings (my claim to fame), a great little eating joint called Cock of the Walk, and sharing the best chocolate shakes ever with my dad at Dalts. It’s been neat reconnecting with old friends, making new ones every where I go, and it’s cool when God replaces old friendships gone sour (not LP of course!) with new ones. God is good. It’s such a cool area and I can’t wait to get plugged into music and explore those avenues and outlets.Stay tuned for more! (All 5 of you who read this! Lol…)



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3 responses to “And the Lord said…

  1. Jill

    sweet tupperware nightstand

  2. Sasha and Maria Silvia

    I had no idea you guys were moving to Nashville. What is going on!? I am exited for you both. Please let us know the latest, or I could just check you blog more often. We love you.

  3. Sasha and Maria Silvia

    Since I don’t have you e-mail, I was wondering if you could give that to me also, and maybe your new telephone numbers. Here is my # (208-631-6467), and with this comment you should have my e-mail. Talk to you guys soon.

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