Not your friendly neighborhood spider

I know this is way random and I’m such a slacker at the blogging the last couple months, but I had to throw this out there…

I have never heard of this before. We have a brand new Wal-Mart Supercenter in a new, really nice retail center that just opened recently in Hendersonville. At the other end of Hendersonville is a regular Walmart.

A little farther down in Madison is a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Very interesting. Never heard of this, but I guess it’s the answer to areas that already have the regular store but not the grocery store part in it…Pretty cool and nice grocery setup AND they have self-checkout too. So there you have it, your friendly neighborhood Walmart Neighborhood Market grocery store. And in GREEN! Not the traditional navy and yellow…


Ok, randomness accomplished…Ta ta for now, I’ll update for real soon…



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2 responses to “Not your friendly neighborhood spider

  1. Its getting to be a Walmart world! Now if Walmart will find a product that will provide us a way to stop missing friends like you who have moved so far away! We love you!

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