I’m a Reverend now!

A Reverend guitar kind of girl anyway…

You would never know it, but I played guitar for 4-5 years then got to college and became lazy and had a little problem with overdrawing my bank account. I had a fairly nice acoustic and sold it to buy a Big Baby Taylor, which I was really into at the time. I actually was fairly decent at playing and led worship throughout high school with it. BUT like I said, I didn’t really know how to manage money, so that money I made to put towards the Taylor went right back into my account to cover my over draft fees.


So with Chad’s buying and selling and trading- I ended up getting this Reverend Roundhouse 290. Love the thinner body style electric and sunburst top kind of modeled after the 50’s-60’s Les Paul special. This should motivate me to get back in the game, and especially to aid my songwriting. Yay, I’m excited.



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4 responses to “I’m a Reverend now!

  1. Nice rebekah! Im psyched to hear some songs you got in the works. By the way, thanks for the email and encouragement!

  2. Way too cool for school! Don’t tell my wife, but there is something about a chick with an electric guitar! WoooHooo! Seriously, I expect to see you wielding that beautiful axe soon at Lifepoint! Congratulations on such a fine instrument!

  3. skipper2

    That’s awesome! I’m excited for you!

  4. Even though it has too many strings for me, I think it looks great – get playing and writing! 🙂

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