You ready? Here it is…Announcement #2

I’m trying to find out if it’s really true. Will I really have more fun?

Ahhh! This is so crazy! I do something different every 3-4 months or so, but I’ve NEVER gone this drastic before…I think I’m digging it though. It’ll be an adjustment at our house. I’ll probably wake up and scare myself while I begin brushing my teeth in the morning.
1rebby-9-7-07.jpg 2rebby-9-7-07.jpg



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7 responses to “You ready? Here it is…Announcement #2

  1. pai

    woah…what a change! how’s life as a blond treating you so far?

  2. jbk

    Wow – what a brave girl you are – looks good!

  3. Michelle Kapusta

    I LIKE IT!!!! Gutsy!!

  4. skipper2


  5. WOW! Looks great! Welcome to the world of blondes.

  6. Barbara

    Hey girl, the last comment from Eddie was from me. Forgot to change the name and stuff.

  7. Lisa Smith

    It looks terrific! And Yes… blondes do have more fun! I’m one! Love it alot on you! Have missed hearing you sing at church lately!

    Sort of newcomer: Lisa Smith

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