Seriously…this is annoying

photo.jpgI’ve been getting ready for the new iPod Classic which I mentioned earlier. Chad’s got plenty stored up in his paypal account from selling and trading gear, woohoo. I ordered the new black iPod Classic Wednesday night so hopefully it’s here in a day or two.

But seriously…this is annoying- I’ve been going strong for TWO WHOLE FREAKING DAYS ripping my current iPod back onto my laptop using this free downloadable program. Holy crap this is annoying and wayyyy too slow. Literally, it’s been 2 whole days- I keep my Mac open all day, plugged into battery, sitting under my desk at work on top of my work PC, and every 10 minutes or so I have the option to click “Purchase Backstage to eliminate this pop-up and to enable wait-free backups”. OR, to click “Later” every 10 minutes because it only imports several songs at a time since it’s a trial version. Ugh. What a hassle. The alternative was to locate and match up all the songs on various CD’s, my Mac, and our external hard drive and import to my laptop, and THEN import into the NEW iPod. I don’t know which is worse…

Here we are at 11:10pm…50 minutes until FRIDAY…. and still at 1501 out of 1840 songs. Sheesh.


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