Can’t hardly wait

I said in a previous post that my iPod’s busted. It’s a 3rd generation and has been fading over the years…it’s a “hand-me-down” from Chad. I give him a hard time, but really I’ve never complained that he would get the new things and the older things would get passed down to me! Ha ha. I was just glad to have the thing- after my conversion experience (I used to be anti-Apple and now I will never go back) I realized the glorious product which is the iPod was one of the THE best inventions ever. Who would ever go back to carrying heavy CD books around in their car, allowing their CD’s to get all junked up, scratched, lost?? Plus, the sound quality lately stinks- I don’t know if the amp in it is blown or if the jack is bad, but either way, any song I listen to these days has a very distorted sound- and it’s not any of the the speakers in either car.

So, in hopefully a few days, possibly Monday, my new iPod Classic will come in and it will be back in black baby. All 80g’s of it! I’ve always been a fan of the bigger model- I can see it better, easy to use interface, etc. This new one’s just beautiful. Right now I’m in the process of ripping everything off my iPod back onto my laptop. Word to the wise- research the free ripping downloads first because the one I’m using is SOOO slow and it’s taken me a day plus some to get it all off of there. But in the long run, I would’ve rather done it that way than to try to locate the songs I want on random CD’s or our external hardrive. Whatever, much to look forward to Monday!

3rd-gen-logo.jpg product-black-classic.jpg


2 Cor. 5:17 “…he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”


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