Small space, big couch, HUGE hearts

dscn3534.jpgFirst of all, a HUGE “thank you” goes out to all of you that helped “point someone to life” this week. I could NOT have done it without you! I’m so thankful there are so many caring, generous peeps at Lifepoint (and beyond) that are willing team up together to reach out to others in the community!

And all the rest of the crew who came out Saturday to pack, wrap, load, and move everything to Diana Coffey’s new place- thanks for your sweat! Ha ha, there was definitely alot of it, and I appreciate you guys so much. We had about 15 Lifepoint people there (including another family who heard the news and joined to help). Several people and an entire small group chipped in to provide toiletries and some basic necessities. TONS of you gave financially this past Sunday and we were able to hook Diana up with a brand new bed and a couch & loveseat set. YOU are making a difference in a person’s life who had next to nothing left after her apartment was flooded, and now she’s got a great new place out in Castle Hayne. Way to show the love of Jesus!

I believe Diana Coffey was very grateful and touched that some people cared enough to help in her time of need. She was truly blown away. On the phone Tuesday I told her that we had a “few more things” to drop by that people had given. She had no idea until we rolled up in her driveway loaded up in Strick’s truck with a trailer full of stuff. Her face was priceless.

It was quite an interesting time getting a BIG couch in through a small door on a very small porch! Here are a few pics of the delivery day on Tuesday thanks to our awesome delivery peeps Shawn Skipper, Chad King and Kelli Strickland (not pictured):

dscn3531.jpg dscn3530.jpg dscn3535.jpg dscn3537.jpg dscn3538.jpg

dscn3539.jpg dscn3541.jpg

Thanks again. Love you guys!



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3 responses to “Small space, big couch, HUGE hearts

  1. Man, that is so cool! Thanks for showing us what loving people is all about! It’s a great reminder!

  2. Now that’s authentic religion! I know that Ms. Coffey was thankful…so am I. I love you guys!

  3. anonymous

    Once again – I’ve been blown away by your wonderful sweet, sweet, spirit!

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