A time to weep and a time to laugh

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It’s always a weird thing to celebrate the close of an earthly life on the day you’re celebrating a life still living. Today is Chad’s birthday- celebrating his entry into the world on August 9, 1976. Who knew such a talented, smart, funny, giving and kind person would make his debut, and how we’ve watched God orchestrate his steps along the journey on earth. A wonderful husband, friend, servant of Jesus, and father-to-be. (Just making sure you are still reading, just kidding.) Happy birthday, Chad.

And today, we are in the Raleigh area for a funeral at the same time. Our dear friends Jordan and Patience are grieving the loss of their beautiful boy Isaac Jordan Leino, born February 25, 2007. We have been privileged to know them for several years, beginning at Liberty University Patience was my roommate, all of us playing music and traveling. Eventually Jordan came to C3 Church on staff, and is now the Minister of Worship & Communication. Their lives and friendship have meant so much to us.

I can tell you throughout the whole journey, I’ve never known more devoted followers of Christ, some of the most faithful prayer warriors I’ve ever known, and their testimony radiates the power of God. If ever there were poster kids for the song “Blessed Be Your Name,” they are it. Despite every obstacle, they have truly chosen to stand together and serve our great God, no matter what happens. It is incredible the impact they have had and will have on the countless lives, just by serving Christ, by saying, “You give and take away, but my heart will choose to say ‘Lord, blessed be Your Name’ “. In losing their 5-month-old who has spent most of his life at UNC Chapel Hill and has had every complication imaginable with his heart, lungs and body, their example of faith and worship shines through the grief. Patience and Jordan both lead worship at C3 Church and are amazing musically, but I can tell you that they have led worship more off stage than on…they’ve led worship with their lives.

Isaac will be missed as he has left his earthly body. But praise be to God, the Great Physician who has healed him of every ailment and sickness, he is now in heaven worshipping the King. “What a bittersweet joy is found in trusting him into the arms of Jesus.” My prayer is that Jordan, Patience and their whole family would continue to know God’s loving kindness, peace, and comfort. And that we would be challenged to live out real worship off stage in everything that we are.

Go to the beginning and read their entire story HERE.


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  1. anonymous

    Whew – you got me for a minute on the “father-to-be”. What a wonderful tribute to wonderful friends. You are a true “friend Rebek” – I know that Patience and Jordan will treasure your comments forever.

    Happy Birthday to my boy – it was good to be with you and Rebek yesterday.

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