Penning an attitude

Sometimes I think writing, journaling, whatever…can be the best thing for you. It can actually have the power to change your mind and heart- as God speaks to you, uncovering a myriad of all sorts of thoughts, feelings, hurts and vulnerability, comfort and joy.

One of the worst things is a lazy artist. I mean, c’mon, if you’re an artist, you should hone your craft in all different ways as much as you can. And you should be excited about it. For me it’s songwriting. I’m terribly undisciplined. My excuse is I think my lyrics are usually lame and I try to fit too much thought into one line, so I just don’t bother. But newsflash, I’d probably get better at it if I practiced more at it. Sure, I jot down little verses or a chorus, or think up a tune to them from time to time…but I never finish it. Sometimes the best part of me comes out when I’m not “trying to write a great song” and I just write me.

My attitude began to take on a much-needed brightened form around 11:45am Sunday, and over past couple days completely rolled over to sunny. Out of uncertainty, restlessness, discouragement, poor attitude, an incredibly rejuvenating and challenging message from Jeff this Sunday- this came out. It might not be the greatest, but it’s me.

Unveil my eyes
Unravel my heart
‘Cause You’re the only one who sees
The real me anyway
Uncover my pride
The view I see through
So what’s deep inside can be
More and more in tune with You

As You gently show me
That You know me
Better than anyone else

And You renew me
And breathe Your life
Back into this hopeless body
You renew me
Replenish my strength
When I’m tired and weary
‘Cause You are God
And You’re faithful to do what You say
And You renew me



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2 responses to “Penning an attitude

  1. why is this the first time I’m reading this?

  2. Oh Rebekah…how many people will read or hear this and closely relate? I know I do! It sounds as though it could have come straight out of Psalms. Thank you for sharing the gift that God has given you….AGAIN!

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