Awesome weekend


I know, I know, it’s been a few weeks on the blogging but I’m getting back to it. Lots going on and this past weekend was such an awesome one!

Not only did we have an amazing Sunday of “God at the Billboard” we also had some sweet time with old friends.

Big things to remember:

Brad and Dave in booty gym shorts (seriously guys, do us all a favor next time…eek!)

Dave bench-pressing Brad (he is hardcore, man)

-some guest musicians, including an awesome violinist on the song “Before He Cheats”

-blowing up giant balloons

-a cool mini-update on BigStuf camp and Ubauna mission trip

-tons of people showing up and being impacted by the entire experience

-a slammin’ message from Jeff on how to deal with anger

The services were pretty rockin’ and Jeff’s message that went along with Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” was very solid. He talked about even Jesus getting angry and channeling it towards the positive instead of the negative, to be passionate and take action. How we need to keep a gauge on our temperament so we can prevent flipping out in anger because it’s flat out dangerous! I think in a nutshell, the “God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth” concept is the big take away…we gotta speak slower, quick to listen, and definitely slower to get angry. To some people this is old news, you’ve heard it before- it makes sense. But it’s so good to hear it again and again- so go download the podcast or grab some CD’s this Sunday.

img_2937_2.jpgIn other news, we got to hang out with a guy Chad and I traveled with on a music group at Liberty University- Sasha Rasmussen from Boise, Idaho! You know when you get together with old friends, it’s like no time has passed. We had such a sweet time of fun, laughter, no sleep, and just catching up. His new wife Maria Silvia is a local from Argentina, the place where God has called him to missions. He has been over there for about 2 years and they have an incredible story. His passion and calling is to link arms with local churches and people to establish a strong youth ministry in the church and community of Cordoba, Argentina, to grow up and disciple the youth of Argentina into mature followers of Christ, an area that has been neglected in many missions organizations. To train youth workers in furthering the gospel and to eventually start a youth center in the community, and ultimately to send out missionaries to go and reach their own country of Argentina. Awesome!! If you’d like to find out more, check out his new blog here or email


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  1. Hey, things are going well. We are having an awesome summer. Hiring two new staff members this fall, changing the name, launching a campus downtown, loving being a dad to our 5 month old, other than that not much 🙂

    How are things with you guys?

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