The Little Dipper

June 21st marked a glorious event in history. Chad King and Rebekah Arrendell were united on this day. What a beautiful and HOT day it was too, in the middle of June in Atlanta, Georgia.

dsc01233.jpg dsc01221.jpg
We had an awesome night of fondue at The Little Dipper downtown, which has an incredibly smooth, clean, and very artful atmosphere.  We cooked our meat and veggies in the pot and enjoyed a variety of sauces. If you’ve never tried fondue, you should, it’s a fun experience. And our little nook of a booth was pretty romantic.  Chad was the master at timing each type of meat perfectly for the best tenderness!  We haven’t dressed up in quite some time- not since our Sounds of Liberty days and occasional weddings we attended.  After dinner we strolled around downtown and enjoyed the beginning of the Thursday night bustle, with a cool breeze. 

We talked about our “Best/Worst” moments during our first 4 years, the thing we learned most about each other, and our favorite qualities in each other. They say the first 7 years are the worst and then it gets really good…But I say the first year was the worst, and the following 3 have gotten better and better with each day.  Sure we’ve had many ups and downs- who hasn’t?  But with each day we have fought for our marriage, learned more about each other, grown to love each other and God, and been a walking testimony of God’s love, grace, and provision.

For any engaged or married couples, I highly recommend this awesome book I just finished reading. This book has had a huge impact on me, and the author shares her journey through a marriage that was on the brink of divorce, and on to a path of emotional and spiritual healing. Maybe you’re no where near divorce, but maybe you’ve experienced some rough spots, maybe you’re just starting out and have no idea what to expect after the big wedding day. This book told me a lot of things I wished I’d known before getting married: that it’s not a fairytale and it’s hard work. I think one of the biggest forces against couples is unfounded expectations. Struggling through unrealistic expectations can devour a marriage, and it can become a downward spiral when wrestling with illness, lack of sex and intimacy, baggage from past experience not dealt with, poor job status, difficult circumstances, and most of all, lack of spiritual discipline. Satan works wonders through these things, but God has has the power to transform your life and marriage.

Julie Anne gives incredible insight and encouragement to have a fulfilled marriage no matter what happens, and with God at the center. It’s a real, honest book about real people, with plenty of humor along the way!

Adventures In Holy Matrimony: For Better or the Absolute Worst
by Julie Anne Fidler




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5 responses to “The Little Dipper

  1. yeah…I love you, baby!

  2. Dad

    What a great night ya’ll had – your picture is great – I love the smiles and the outfits. Plus we love seeing how more in love you are each day – not only with each other but with God!



  3. Chad King in a necktie! I would call that remarkable, except for the fact that he had an excellent reason for spiffing up, a remarkable wife! I know Barb is about the only reason I get dressed up anymore. I guess Chad and I are just a couple of hopelessly romantic push overs for our spouses. CONGRATS! We love you guys!

  4. Chad and Rebekah:

    Congratulations on 4 years of marriage. Only 32 more and you will catch Karen and I. Of course by then we will have been married 68 years or be with the Lord. I enjoyed talking with you on the beach on Saturday. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer but I had work to do back at the house. Someones got to do it. Thank you for your ministry at Lifepoint. Stay obedient to God and to each other and you will certainly have many more wonderful years together. Keep your eyes focused on HIM and you can not fail.

  5. Michelle

    Hey Guys,

    Congrats on your 4 year mark! Matt and I just celebrated our 4 year too, it was awesome. You guys looked great and it looks like you had a great time out on the town. Matt and I went out too but we weren’t “alone”, everytime we turned around we ran into someone we knew. But it was nice to get out. I know we’ve been saying forever but we REALLY should plan to get together VERY soon! I think we should come there since you guys live in the “cool place”LOL anyway we are so happy for you guys and we love you very much. Just remember to never forget to be friends and always talk to each other. We love ya’ll, Love Matt and Michelle

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