The best Mother’s day gift I ever got

Ok, I know I’m not yet a mother but let me explain…

We had a great few runs with Beauty & the Beast the last couple shows. I was very excited about today. It was a long day with my first music rehearsal for Guys & Dolls, the next show I’m doing. And then a 1:30 call time for the 3pm matinee. Chad’s parents, aunts, uncle, and 4 cousins were coming in from the Raleigh/Princeton area to see the 8:00 show, and we were meeting downtown for dinner on my hour break.

We decided on Front Street Brewery which has very good fish and chips, among other things. As I booked it from the theatre, walking down Princess St and then to Front St, I was super hot after a long show. I entered the restaurant, up the stairs and saw all the family at the back table. I quickly glanced down the row of people and waved with a smile on my face and then… I had to do a double take.

There was my mom standing there at the end. My dad and Chad worked the past couple days to fly her out here from Texas as a surprise to see the show! I couldn’t believe it and I just started bawling…Mommy! There is nothing like her. I am so thankful for her. I’ve not seen her since Christmas, so this was an incredible treat. I’m not sure who’s going to enjoy this Mother’s Day more- me or her! It definitely will be a good one.



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2 responses to “The best Mother’s day gift I ever got

  1. It was a great privilege to meet your Mom today at Lifepoint. My heart was touched, hearing about your surprise. It is obvious that you are loved. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom.

  2. I didn’t realize you didn’t know she was coming! That is awesome! I’m glad she was here to see the show.

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