Wanting all the right things

Ever find yourself in a place where you question who you are, where you belong, what are you supposed to do with your life, something that you’ll enjoy that is meaningful and impacts others positively? Of course you do, we all do. How ’bout as a woman? I think I need to read Chazown again which is a book we built last summer’s series around called “Shaped.” Go check out the podcast.

It’s ironic how God speaks to you and how he speaks into your life the things you need to hear at just the right time. This weekend we wrapped up our “Messy” series and Jeff knocked it out of the park. I begin to realize how messsy life is…how messy I am. And how as a woman I daily battle my place as a woman, an employee, a wife, a friend, a missionary, one day a mother, how I look. I look at other women and some of them seem to have it so together…the career, the family, the kids, the whatever… and I feel like if I could just get to this certain place at this certain stage in my life, then things will be ok, they’ll work out, and I’ll find my satisfaction there; if I can finish school and pick a track to go down, if I can just make more money, if I can…you fill in the blank.

God is teaching me, in fact, I am wrestling with who I am in Christ. It is important for women to figure out who they are in Christ, not in what the world says we should find fulfillment in or in a job, in a guy, or even your husband. And it is tough as crap.

If you are a woman, you NEED to read this book: Wanting All The Right Things by Shirin Taber – The Modern Woman’s Guide to Finding a Spiritual, Balanced, Fulfilled Life. It is opening my eyes; almost brings tears to them in some places because the author seems to voice how so many women feel, yet brings a fresh biblical perspective. How do we get where we should be and who God designed us to be, to find and live God’s will for our lives?


Go buy it! You can get it here.



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4 responses to “Wanting all the right things

  1. you should do a young womens life group with this

  2. Check out Shirin’s Blog as well. She’d love to hear from you!

    Shirin’s cousin,


  3. shirin taber

    Glad you like my book…feel free to send me your thoughts and feedback.

    Shirin Taber
    Author of Wanting All the Right Things
    Southern CA

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