One messed up Sunday at Lifepoint…

So as Jeff said, we’re a bunch of messed up people at Lifepoint- but that’s ok because we can allow God to do a mighty work in us…and people here that are dealing with loss, addictions, hurts, anger, among tons of other things- can hopefully come to a place that says, “Jesus wants you messed up” and He loves you just the way you are. What he can do with our lives is amazing when we let Him take over- we don’t have to “clean up” first before we come to church or before we come to know Jesus.

This Sunday absolutely rocked! Man, what a powerful day. What do you get when you put together newspaper trashed everywhere, a beautiful painting (by Charmaine Ortiz Rountrey) of the ocean ruined, a perfectly good “Sunday suit” covered in paint, our Director of College Ministries Dave Holt doing an awesome job at announcements for the first time, everyone pitching in as a team to pull it all off, a slammin’ message from Jeff, and stinkin’ awesome Liberty U band called Exodus?

You get the start of a kick-butt series- MESSY! It was incredible and I believe it’s only gonna get better. I can’t wait to hear about some of the tough topics that Pastor Jeff is going to speak on- things that mess up our lives when we choose to put the paintbrush in our own hand instead of letting the Creator continue the work He started in us.

Stay tuned and be sure to come next week for more…it’s only gonna get sweeter- and next week’s sure to be in your face. Feel free to get those deep thoughts off your chest and air out anything you want here. The first step to healing is verbalizing your struggles…and we’ve set this site up to be completely anonymous. We won’t get your name, email address, or how to find you- it’s just for you and you might be surprised to see many people going thru the same things you are.

Here’s a few pics from the weekend:

You better save this, because you’ll probably never see Jeff in a suit again!




Messy Jeff with the artist Charmaine Ortiz Rountrey



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5 responses to “One messed up Sunday at Lifepoint…

  1. Jeff suit looks like it came from “New York fashions” ha ha

  2. Kenly

    “Daddy looks handsome”

  3. Jessica


    when I first saw the pic of you in the suit, I thought, when did Jeff start wearing suits, I know you sure didn’t when you were in Albemarle! Glad to know it was just for 1 day.

  4. that first pic is cool

  5. JBK

    You are such a great cheerleader!!! God Bless you!

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