Why do they make you feel stupid?

Everyone’s pumped their own gas right?
As if there’s not enough negativity in the world…

Today I was pumping at the Wal-Mart Murphy’s gas, and they have those new “Additech” things right now…with all the buttons, and the voice comes on as you are about to pump and ask if you want to select the additive to your gas that’s supposed to be more efficient, give you better gas mileage, etc, etc. Who knows if it really does this? How do we know it’s not just a gimmic to get you to put something extra in that you probably really don’t need and spend more money?

So, when I’m done the voice says, “We’re sorry you chose not to save money today”…and take advantage of our additive…blah blah blah. Basically, like saying, “we’re sorry your an idiot and don’t want to give us more money for something you probably don’t need, and you obviously want to be a moron and not put in your car what’s good for you even though it probably costs more…”

Good grief, way to insult your customers and guilt them into “not taking proper care of their car” because I did not choose to put an additive in there. Anyways, I got a kick out of it and the voice talking to me.



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3 responses to “Why do they make you feel stupid?

  1. guilt trip from a machine!? what’s the world coming to…

  2. uh…let’s say I actually did the additech deal. does that make me an idiot…oops.

  3. Noah Vail

    MAKE IT SHUT UP! I researched the additech additive and couldn’t come up with anything useful. I’m trying it because I have some rough running (141kV6) so a benefit might be obvious.
    But after I approved the purchase, IT KEPT TALKING TO ME. I hit the SHUT UP button that doesn’t appear unless you pay. After the transaction was over, it started up again and THE SHUT UP! BUTTON WOULDN’T WORK. IT WOULDN’T STOP YELLING AT ME. KIND OF LIKE I’M YELLING AT YOU RIGHT NOW.


    I may not try it again just so I’m not subjected to this thing shouting it’s opinion at me.

    Noah Vail

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